Kindergarten One


Happy Friday Families!

This morning Kindy one have been super busy! Boston, Corey and Vanessa were being scientists and using the lab resources to create experiments, they used sand, water and small blocks. Shayaan and Charlize were busy in the sand pit digging a huge hole. Stevie soon joined them which made the team quicker at finding treasure. Josiah was busy manipulating the mobilo and creating cars.

Once inside we celebrate Friday by doing our Friday feeling dance, it’s Lucca’s birthday on Sunday so he chose “Shotgun” to dance to. Miss Kate and Miss An were very impressed by how amazing our dance moves are. Steel went with Miss Maddy to make red playdough while we worked through the date. We chose to say good morning in French today, “Bonjour everyone”. We quickly recapped our sounds and thought of some words: rat, road, rock, rectangle, race, rainbow, right, rail.

Mr Brad came to visit us this morning, Lucas was super excited as he loves Arakan. Mr Brad had us practising our listening and freezing skills as well as our quick reactions. Stevie and Vanessa were very good at this game and made it to the final twice in a row.

Luca brought in a home-made volcano this morning and talked to the children about how he painted it to look like it had exploded with lava. With friends being scientists and Lucca brining in a volcano, Miss Kate thought it would be a great idea to do a science experiment and make our own volcano. Miss Maddy gathered the ingredients and Miss An built a volcano in the sand pit. We place white vinegar with red food colouring into the volcano and Miss An tipped in Bicarb of soda. Then whoosh we had our own volcano. Hamish said it erupted like a real volcano.

After a busy morning we were able to choose some activities this afternoon. Miss Maddy sat with Lucca, Stevie, Harvey and Junior and played the hungry caterpillar game. Hugo, Josiah and Aurora played with the red playdough. Steel and Boston were having lots of fun in the tepee with the torches. Vanessa, Bella and Harper worked on their fine motor skills placing pompoms into pots with chopsticks. Corey, Olivia and Luca worked on completing some puzzles. Shayaan, Khwaish and Charlize roleplayed house using a box.

Happy 5th  Birthday to Lucca Branco!! Thank you for the cake!

Sorry alot of the pictures wouldn’t upload

Have a great weekend Kindy one


Thank you for lots of learning today!

Miss Kate, Miss An and Miss Maddy


Written by Kindy Room 2