Kindergarten One


Happy Friday families!!




This morning we started our morning outside- it was a little chilly and Alex asked to get the bikes out. Miss Nicole brought them all out and we used our crossing too. All our friends had a turn on the bikes and enjoyed zooming up and down. Miss Kate brought out some coloured chains for us to make patterns with and some of the squared blocks. Other friends were drawing with crayons, Vanessa and Miss Nicole were using craft materials to make a masterpiece for Vanessa’s Dad. Junior and Josiah worked as a team and created a waterfall in the sandpit, they dug across the sand pit and  

Once inside we worked through our morning routine- friends requested our Friday feeling dance to be shotgun. We showed off our funky moves to enjoy our start to Friday! We worked through the date and our weather bird told us it was sunny. We recapped our sounds and practised our sound of the week ‘w’. The words we thought of were











For transition we chose to recognise our numbers- we are developing our skills so quickly!

Mr Brad came to visit after morning tea, and we practised our listening and freezing skills. We need to be super quick in placing our hands on our head before Mr Brad can tap us. The next game was our favourite one, we raced each other up and down to get to Mr Brad’s pad and throw them into the net. We were super quick, and we cheered everyone on while we waited for our turn.

Once back inside we were able to choose our activities. Luca, Lucca, Lucas and Josiah were eager to play with the playdough and the tools. Bella and Vanessa drew pictures for Lucas as it is his last day. Charlize had a go at the aboriginal matching game, she worked very hard to pair up the pictures. Corey manipulated some puzzles until they were complete. Olivia and Harper built a Lego world with the duplo. Outside Shayaan was making a rocket out of the shape connectors and Harvey joined him and made a robot. In the messy tray we chose sand and attempted to draw Aboriginal symbols with some tools. We succeeded in drawing the sun, moon, emu and kangaroo.

This afternoon Lucca found a stick and said he was Harry Potter the wizard, he said ‘wizard is a w word’. Miss Kate asked Lucca if he would like to make a wand, and this a started some fun spontaneous activity that the whole class wanted to engage in. We printed out stars and friends coloured them in with their choice of colour and material. We then went on a hunt outside for some sticks. Miss Kate helped friends sticky tape their star to the stick and abracadabra we had some fantastic magical wands for wizards and witches. Children role played turning each other into frogs, toads, invisible and rabbits. Children were very enthusiastic about taking up these roles and role played with them all afternoon. Other activities we engaged in a little were drawing, playdough and magnetic letters.

A big goodbye to Lucas we hope you had a great last day

Thanks for a great day of learning and fun Kindy One

Miss Kate and Miss Nicole



Written by Kindy Room 2