Jingeri and good morning to our wonderful children of Senior Kindy! The children enjoyed the morning inside while waiting for the sun to come out then made our way outside for play.
Today the Senior kindy children begun their outdoor play with Arakan. Mr Tim said a warm welcome before beginning the session. The children then joined in a circle and making room for everyone to join in for a stretch. The children were encouraged to move their arms in a forwards and backwards motion, run to the fence, touch their toes and wiggle their arms in the air. The children love engaging in their group stretch while having conversations and encouraging each other to join in.
After the children’s bodies were all warmed up Mr Tim encouraged the children to make line to get ready to practice there ‘covers.’ After each having a turn the children then went straight into hitting the pads with using the opposite hand to opposite pad. Everyone did a fantastic job and the educators were proud of how well the children followed instructions.
Mr Tim then played ‘hide the pads’ with the children, they then worked together finding each pad and bringing it back to Mr Tim.
To transition the children from outside play to group time, the educators encouraged the children to place their hats away on the hooks and join the educators either on the purple or green mat.
After the children had transited onto the mat Miss Tash said a warm good morning to all the children and educators in the room. The children responded back with “good morning.”
Miss Tash then asked Lily and Livinia to come up the front and talk about their show and tell.
Livinia was eager to talk about her doctor set taking each object out to show her friends.
Livinia told her friends she got it from the shops and plays doctors at home. It was then Lily’s turn next and as this was her first show and tell you could say she was a little excited 😛
Lily proudly held up her doggy and said “this is my show and tell I brought it from my home.”
Rocco then asked do you sleep with it? Lily said yes with a nod and a smile.
Mr Oskar then took over from Miss Tash and announced the children will be practicing learning their numbers.
Together the educators and Mr Oskar counted from 0-10. The children are doing a fantastic job when engaging during group times and are showing they are developing their knowledge of numbers when going through each flash card.
Mr Oskar then asked the children if they would like to go through the ABC’s pointing to the alphabet on the wall. The children all said yes. Mr Oskar and Miss Luma then slowly worked through each letter asking the children to repeat each letter and what starts with each letter. As the children got to the first letter of their name, they would recognized this and communicate to Mr Oskar. “That’s my letter for my name.”
To transition to morning tea Mr Oskar then encouraged the children to sing “bee bee bumble bee can you sing your name for me.”
After morning tea the children then went exploring outdoor activities, due to maintenance around the yards this afternoon at Benowa early learning the children spent the morning exploring outdoors activities.
Miss Ann and Miss Nicole brought the PK children to spend a fun filled friend morning with the SK children, as PK arrived Miss Kim also arrived taking Quinn, Fletcher, Alex, Karina, Chloe, Lincoln and Lena for their session at gymnastics.
Noah, Andrew, Matthew and Zachary made their way to the sandpit where they each found a green truck, the children then took the green trucks onto the deck area sitting on them and racing one another down the slight hill. Andrew said “again” as they all grabbed the trucks making their way back up to the top of the deck.
Nicholas was super excited seeing his friend Jude and went to collect a bike for each of them to ride around the yard, Marley noticed his friends on the bikes and wanted to join, Marley did one lap around the yard with his friends before noticing Rocco and Livinia in the sandpit.
Celeste, Lily and Lillianna were busy playing hide and seek with Miss Luma, Lillianna said “you can’t get us, come on Celeste.” Lillianna reached out her hand grabbed Celeste’s and taking her along to find a hiding spot. Lily stuck close to Miss Luma and enjoyed finding her friends. Once everyone was found Lily asked Miss Luma to join her on the mat to read a story. Miss Luma and Lily read 3 stories together before then wanting to join her friends Diollo, Livinia, Rocco and Marley on the swing.
Miss Kim then arrived back with Chloe, Lena, Alex, Quinn, Fletcher, Karina and Lincoln the children were so excited and went to show Miss Tash, Miss Luma their stickers.
Lincoln then went to find his friend Livinia and joined her riding down the deck on the green trucks, Lincoln said “I can go so fast” yelling this out to his friends Matthew and Andrew as they joined him.
Yaolin and Nicholas then sat together at the puzzle table slowly working their way through each number Yaolin demonstrated to Miss Tash and Miss Luma how he can make the number 4 and 0 using his fingers.We then enjoyed our lunch and settled down on our beds listening to calming sleep music Miss Tash has put on.
Everyone’s energy was nicely recharged for the afternoon when rest time was done.
We hope all our wonderful parents of Senior Kindy have had a great day as we know the children have. Enjoy your weekend and we will see everyone again next week.
Miss Tash, Mr Oskar and Miss Luma 😊

We would also like to welcome back our friend Zachary from his holiday, the children and educators were so excited to have you join us again in the senior kindy room.