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kindergarten Two-Thursday 22nd November 2018

It seemed like there was going to be rain today as the weather this morning was a bit hot and muggy.The children very much enjoyed playing with water in different ways. Ava and Caesar were using water in their mud kitchen and made mud cup cakes for everyone. Josef and...

Kindergarten One 9/11/18

Daily Correspondence Kindergarten One 9/11/18 Good morning all!   Today out in the yard the Educators set up Drawing, number fishing, Duplo, hula hoops, sandpit, watering can to water the veggie patch, water pump in sandpit, drawing pictures for Miss Kylie’s card and...

Little Sprouts Educare

Little Sprouts Educare – Little minds growing and learning through purposeful play. Please see attached flyer for more information: Little Sprouts Digital Flyer July 2018  

Kindy 1 – Wednesday 11th April 2018

A busy morning in kindergarten the children enjoyed the sand pit, working with children from kindy 2 making big volcano. Miss Tegan seen what was happening & found the bi-carb soda with vinegar to make their volcano erupt. There was a lot of ooooh & ahhhhh as...