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TITLE:            I HAVE A WORRYi have a worry

I Have A Worry  is a beautifully written story that assists children in understanding how to deal with different worries they may have throughout their day.  The story looks at the worries children can have when dealing with pressures from family, friends and school.  The story explores how a worry can play lots of tricks with how we feel about things and how worries can create different feelings within us.  I Have A Worry shares strategies about how children can handle their worries.

How teachers and carers can use this book?

This book teaches children to:

  • Talk about their feelings openly
  • Deal with worries they may have


Discussion Points:

  • This book highlights how we deal with different feelings we may have.  Tell the children you are going to talk about their feelings.  Explore a range of feelings that the children have at different times.
  • Think about their bodies and discuss what their bodies do when they have different feelings.
  • Talk about what the children think are little worries and big worries.


Activity Ideas:

  • Ask the children to think about something that they may worry about and to draw a picture of what their worry may look like.


Written by Miss Jo