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Our Story:

Happy MONDAY everyone!

What a prefect weather, we were outside and enjoy the sun and play with our friends. A lot of children dress-up as the uniform crews, such as fire fighter, Nurses, Doctor and Police to help raise the awareness on their scarification and contribution on this bush fire.

Hooray, this morning we got to explore in the new playground at the big yard with our Senior Kindy friends and Pre-Kindy friends. It been a while we have not been in this big yard. Felicity and Paisley are so excited, they scream while they heading to the big yard. They run directly to the swing and have a long big swing with it. After have the banana, Willa strait to the red fire pole. Climbing on the red fire pole seem not too difficult for her. She such a daredevil. Joe, Iggy, Jack, Roman and Paisley not too sure about the climbing, so they stay on the spider web top and having fun by just balancing themselves in that. Emmy and Ivy enjoy the long slides. Benji and Bobby riding the bike around the yard. Mia dress up as trader, she shares her costume toys with her friends, they using the monocles, tape, axes to build new houses to the victim of the fire.

It’s time to head inside the room.

One by one we go to toilet and get our nappies changes. After we were all finished, it was time to wash our hands and for morning tea. Mason and Michael coming in right on time we about to start our morning tea. For morning tea this morning, we enjoyed yogurt, sultana and fresh fruits.

Today we continues learn about ourselves identity by looking into the mirror and make our faces.
Through the activity, Miss Maddie will guiding the children with questions about what colours they eyes are, what hair colours is, do they have long hair or short hair, what is they skin colours, then the children will make their own faces with the various of art materials and paints. In this activity the children will develop and feel recognize and respect who they are. We are different yet we are the same. For those children have done it last Friday, we got to go outside and explore the new yard again.

Michael, Ivy, Mia and Bobby have turn in the red fire pole. They show confident on climbing down the pole with no assistant of the educator. Benji, Iggy, Roman, Jack enjoy staying on the spider web top and try to balance on it. When Miss An asked Roman why not try the red fire pole, he answered” im still too little to do it”. Run and run and run is Mason favourite thing to do.

After our friend have done the activity, we head back to the back yard to join them for a quick play before lunch. Mia, Joe, Benji, Michael, Iggy and Bobby were enjoy exploring in the sandpit. Joe riding the big digger and fill up the bucket with the sand, then he tip it out and fill it up again. Roman, Ivy, Jack, Emmy and Willa seat with Miss An and singing some songs. Paisley and Felicity enjoy the seesaw.

It’s time to make our bed, one by one, to make our beds with Miss Maddie.
After all the beds were made, we went to the bathroom, washed our hands and found our drink bottles ready for lunch.

For lunch today we enjoyed Lasagna with salad bar. After lunch it was time to head to bed to rest our busy bodies.

After lunch it was time to head to bed to rest our busy bodies. We then provided some time for our friends to rest their little bodies and re-energize for their big afternoon play. Our friends who do not sleep have quiet activities on their beds.

For afternoon tea today we enjoyed delicious fresh fruit with choc-chip cookies. We found our hats, applied our sunscreen and headed outside for a fun afternoon We enjoyed play outside in the afternoon.

Thanks for a great day Junior Kindy and we hope you all had a wonderful evening.
Miss Lauren and Miss An

To Families,

We would like to let you all know that  this week will be Miss Lauren’s final week at Benowa Early Learning Centre. She is finishing up as she is embarking on a fun and exciting new adventure. She hopes to see you all before her final day on Friday.