What a suprise we all got today when we arrived to find a big box of new toys for our friends. We thought Santa had come early but in fact they are special new presents from Miss Kylie. Thank you Miss Kylie.

Dylan, Ashley & Pia helped Miss Jen open the boxes of games. Today we opened Snakes and Ladders, Hungry Hippos & Connect 4 in a row. Hungry Hippos was very popular.

Savannah loved arriving to find a big box of beautiful new Barbie Dolls. We carefully opened them all and Alexandra, Scout, Khaleesi, Savannah & Pia had some fun games with them.


Today with all the new toys art was just free drawing. Enara and Agnus made beautiful pictures of a dancing girl for Miss Jen to put up on her wall. Thank you girls that was very thoughtful and they are so lovely.

Our big girls Maren, Ashley, Mia & Lani were hiding from us talking about big girl things and hanging out together.

8.30am – Pack away, roll call & walk to school safely.


Our yummy afternoon tea today was watermelon, popcorn, banana chips and crackers. We encouraged the children to drink plenty of water as it was a warm afternoon.

We headed back to the Centre at 3.30pm to enjoy the nice cool air con and many indoor & shaded outdoor activities.


Today the children did some free drawing. The children can utilize their imagination and create a master piece of art. Scout drew a doll and a cat, Jireh drew a rainbow, Gabriel drew a camping tent, Alexandra and Luuly were also drawing cats.


Mr. Brad and Mr. Aaron came to the center to do some Arakan with the children. They taught the children to block a punch to the head, block a straight punch and to block a side punch. The children really enjoy doing Arakan but they love when they get to play games with the punching pads, today they played hot potato on one leg the children found this to be fun and funny.

Alexandra, Scout and Luuly played with the new Barbie dolls, they enjoyed dressing them up and playing with their hair.

Some of the children brought their IPads to play for some chill out. Aydin, Noah, Seth and Linden played Terraria which is an 2D action-adventure game its similar, to Mind craft. Summer, Indigo and Khaleesi were taking turns in playing Paper. io. Noah, Eljay and Jakobi also took turns in playing Mind craft.

Kye and Tyler were practicing their soccer kicking and stopping skills to each other. The boys are getting very good at their skills. The Hungry hippo was very popular board game to play today in after school care with mostly everyone wanting to play the game. Tyler, Pia, Jireh and Noah really enjoyed playing the hungry hippo. Linden, Aydin, Seth and Noah played a nice and friendly game of hide n seek.

A very big thank you to Scout and Jireh for cleaning up all the Senior Kindy room. Once the room was clean the children headed on out to the boat yard for a big run and a play outside.

Thank you for a wonderful day in after school care. Have a great night to all the families.
Miss Claudia, Miss Maddy, Miss Danna and Miss Neve. 

LEARNING OUTCOME – 1 Children have a strong sense of identity.

Children for example, Show interest in other children and being part of a group

Educators facilitate this when, for example, they organise environments and spaces in ways that promote small and large group interactions and meaningful play and leisure.



Written by Outside School Hours Care