Lots of fun starting our day in the room this morning.  

Azalya had fun with the rattles and teethers and tummy time this morning. Everyday she is getting better at her tummy play every day.

Today we had a fun painting and sensory activity – we collected some nature brushes (leaves) and used them as our painting brushes. We extended on their interest in music and used bush music and sounds of nature inspire our group painting experience.

Sebastian, Chloe, Charles and lily wanted to be involved straight away. Miss Angela put smocks on all the babies, and they all wanted them off. We decided because of their hesitation to wear smocks to use paint that will wash out of clothes. It was food colouring and some water and flour.

Well what a fun time they all had, Lily dove both hands in and was spreading the paint everywhere. Sebastian, Chloe and Charles all enjoyed using their nature brushes. Zayde and Kipree both enjoyed being at the table standing and watching what was going on. Everyone was dancing and happy and being creative little people.

Klaus and Kipree had lots of fun together this morning on the mat. They were happy exploring the baskets with teethers and rattles and musical instruments.

Our babies are so happy now selecting their own games and engaging in the set up of the room. Our cubby house has been a lot of fun. We have combined it with dress ups and home corner close by to inspire their creativity and role play. This has led to lots of interactions between the babies. Over the last few weeks Lily, Charles and Sebastian have made such great friendships together and are communicating verbally with each other when they want to play, they reach out for companionship. They have started a game where they try and chase each other – usually around the house and watching them greet and say goodbye to each other when they leave is just lovely. These interactions are special as we know that they are socially meeting their milestones that they feel comfort and comfortable in their room. Play is so important It helps them to learn how to negotiate, develops their independence and adds to their sense of wellbeing.

Our outside play today was such a fun time!  Sebastian, Charles and Lily were following each other around and all ended up on the fort together.  Charles decided to move on to a bike and Lily followed and got on the other bike.  Sebastian selected a rocking horse and Zayde joined him on the one next to him.   Kipree and Klaus were having a great time with the balls from the ball pit.  Lots of rolling.  Chloe was on a rocking horse with a big smile on her face as Miss Angela sang Giddy Up Horsey.    The fresh air is so good for our babies and the active play builds their appetites for lunch.

They all ate well today and loved the veges – carrots and broccoli.   We’re enjoying our finger foods!

A great day with our babies.  Thanks friends!

Miss Alison and Miss Angela


Written by babies room