February 4, 2019 General No Comments

Welcome to our new friend Quinn. Quinn was full of action today he enjoyed playing with the cars and the ball pit and having some stories with Miss Alison. He was happy all day not a tear at all and was on the go all day.

Hiroki enjoyed the ride in cars and the ball pit as well as meeting his new friend Quinn. He was very interested and enjoyed following him around and watching what he was playing.

Nicholas enjoyed blocks on the floor with miss Emma. She was building a tower and caught a few of the babies’ attention. Sebastian and Vera came over to join in. Nicholas enjoyed watching his friends play and loved being part of the action.

The babies did lots of interacting with each other. there was a hive of activity around the self-select area and they all enjoyed pulling out all the baskets and exploring the ball pit, the animals and the blocks.

Harrison was enjoying sitting in the car with Hiroki they had such a great time driving the car and making noises together. When Harrison got up and moved on to another activity Hiroki was upset and wanted Harrison to come back and play with him. We helped him go outside and as soon as he saw Harrison, they held hands and went off walking together

The magnetic blocks and connector were very popular. Vera and Daisy enjoyed some building time and songs with Miss Alison. They enjoyed listening to her songs. When she finished a song, Vera clapped and said yay.

It was Yummy toasted and fresh sandwiches today vegie puree today for lunch and everyone enjoyed it as finger food. Everyone ate lots and had full tummies for a big sleep. We were encouraging the babies to drink lots of water today as it was so hot and to encourage their oral hygiene at meals times.

Nicholas was busy crawling everywhere this afternoon. He was non-stop exploring. He enjoyed crawling from one side of the room to the other with ease, he was only just starting to do this last week.

The animals were popular inside and outside today. Sebastian was seen lining up some animals in a row.

We all enjoyed being outside in the shade and looking all around investigating the sights and sounds of being in our yard.

Quinn enjoyed the slide and throwing balls everywhere with Daisy. He really enjoyed his first day.

We had such a lovely day together exploring inside and out, tomorrow we will explore some interests in leaves and water play.

Written by babies room