Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a great day.

Lovel morning we had inside the room to started off our day. Leo, Makenzie and felicity enjoyed playing what are they interesting in the room. Leo straight to the magnets on the hopscotch mat and started playing with it. He was amazed that how two pieces of magnets can connect into one piece and felt the magnetite power while put them tighter.  He showed well hand-eye coordination and concentration on this activity.

Mackenzie enjoyed playing picnic and she sat with lots of baby dolly around her. She choose then one of dolly and placed it on the mat and said “eat baby” as she was feeding the dolly with a spoon. When Miss Lilian asked Mackenzie what did you feed the baby? She replied milk.

Felicity enjoyed playing the caused and effected toy moving beads side to side as well as the popped out animals. She was imitating and repeating after Miss Lilian when she made animals sounds such MOO, oink and quack.

When the morning tea came, most our friends have arrived and ready to eat. We enjoyed our yummy choc chip muffins and fruit puree.

After that, Mackenzie pointed out the window and said “outside” to Miss Alison. As soon as Miss Alison opened the door and everyone ran out toward and very excited finding the activity that they wanted to do. Everyone are happy and busy playing in group with friends or their educators.

During activity time, Jack saw a black and white cat walking from the fence where the neighbor’s house near car park. He suddenly said “Cat “and pointed out the location. Miss Lilian and Miss Alison watched over and started showing other children to involved in this scenario. Miss Lilian asked children what does the cat say? Sofia and Mackenzie replied, Meow at the same time. Miss Alison showed children that cat has whiskers from book and made the cat sound and how to crawl like a cat.

During Meow Meow cat actions on, Mackenzie drew whiskers on her cheek with water ink textas and went to checked on the mirror of herself. She laughed immediately and made us laughed as well. So Miss Lilian then started drawing on her face with a nose and whiskers. So did Sofia, Emmy, Leo and Jack. We enjoyed talking about cat and acting like a cat. Miss Alison prepared the Cat collage activity for us as well with eyes, nose and whiskers. During children, busy were sticking their cat art work. Miss Alison went checked on the internet for how to say “cat” in different languages such as Chinese (moaw mi), Spanish(Gato) and English(cat). Mackenzie and Sofia could repeated after all different languages their educators. Leo and Jack kept saying cat during activity. Emmy, Halo and Felicity enjoyed making cat sound while watching the video.

What a fun cat activity of the day and children are ready for lunch sandwiches and nap.

Children got recharged from their nap and full of energy for ready to play again.  Once we finished the afternoon tea, we straight heading outside to play.  Leo enjoyed riding the tracker and playing flowers in the garden. Mackenzie loves drawing and told Miss Lilian that she was drawing star and moon. Sofia loves playing with baby dolly and putting blank and pushing the pram around the yard. Jack enjoyed went up and down the slide and play peek a book with Leo. Halo enjoyed walking with walker and so does Emmy. Felicity enjoyed catching with bubble and tried to say pop.

We absolutely had a fantastic fun day with everyone here and we would like to do more fun things next week. Hope you all have a great weekend.


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Written by babies room