Jingeri Babies one! We had a wonderful morning with our friends from babies one playing on the mat with the Dreamtime story puppets.  Airlie and Tayla loved sitting in the cubby house this morning flicking through the picture books together pointing at the animals they could see making sound effects. “woof” said Tayla as she pointed at the picture of the dog in the story. Enzo and Henry enjoyed playing with the kangaroo and wombat finger puppets on the mat together.  Once Kiana arrived her Mum brought her a yummy breakfast that she enjoyed sitting on the mat and eating.  Alina and Harper enjoyed listening to ABC kids’ nursery rhymes and shaking the maracas and tambourines to the beat of the music.  When Miss Bianca arrived, we met our new friend Flynn we were all very excited to meet our new friend.


We then separated rooms, and we began preparing for morning tea and transitioned to our high chairs singing our daily song “BB Bumble Bee can you sing your name to me”. Today for morning tea we enjoyed fresh fruit puree, banana, Fruit toast, and strawberries. We are all doing a great job at feeding ourselves.

Once we finished morning tea, Tayla, Kiana, Harper, and Airlie transitioned outdoors to enjoy the various activities that were set up to celebrate Naidoc week. The week is an acknowledgment of the histories, cultures, and languages of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the First Australians. While we acknowledge the First Peoples of Australia during NAIDOC Week, we also do this throughout the year. NAIDOC Week is one way to recognize the unique and enduring relationship of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the lands now known as Australia. Their cultures, lore, ceremonies, and connections to land remain strong.

Alina, Enzo, Flynn, and Henry were almost ready for their morning nap. They enjoyed a little play together on the mat before it was rest time.  Alina has been interested in balls and loved having the balls rolled to her on the floor.  Balls help build balance skills and allow the babies to practice transferring an object from one hand to the other.  Flynn loved sitting in the rocker playing with the baby mobile and pushing the little stars back and forth with his fine motor movement.  Enzo and Henry enjoyed playing with the musical instruments and the pasta shakers and shaking them back and forth the hear the different sounds.

Outdoors- Kiana picked up a little toy baby outdoors today and enjoyed imaginary play. Kiana held the baby in her arms humming and swaying the baby pretending to put the baby to sleep. Kiana then picked up a blanket and wrapped the blanket around the baby placing it on the ground. Tayla, Airlie, and Harper loved sitting in the black tray with the playdough and sticking the bamboo stalks into the dough with their fine motor skills.


Tayla then dragged a box of Duplo blocks over to the girls and sat down and began stacking the blocks on top of one another.  Harper and Airlie enjoyed playing in the sandpit with little toy buses and playing with the abacus beads and using their fine motor skills to move the beads around.

At 10:30 today we then transitioned for group time, we began group time with our daily good morning song- “Good morning to you” “good morning to you” “good morning everybody, good morning to “Tayla” as we went around the room singing one another’s names to work on our name recognition. Miss Chloe and Miss Bianca then demonstrated the actions for our daily acknowledgment as they said, “Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends, and here am I!” our friends are doing a great job at copying the actions. Today for group time we enjoyed reading the Dreamtime story again called “tiddlelack the frog” the children enjoyed holding up the puppets as we read the story. We then enjoyed reading “that’s not my teddy” the book was a touch and feel the story that was passed around allowing the children to feel the different textures throughout the book.

Once we finished group time, we transitioned for lunch by singing our transitioning song “BB bumble Bee can you sing you name to me” to encourage our name recognition. Today for lunch the children enjoyed vegetarian koftas, noodles, boiled corn, carrots, and vegetable puree.
It was then time for us to head to bed and rest our bodies. We provide an opportunity for the children to re energise their little bodies. We need all our energy back to explore our environment for the afternoon.


We enjoyed the afternoon outside exploring, playing and having lots of fun.
Please bring in or email through a family photo for our family tree J Our centre email is info@benowaearlylearning.com.au 

Don’t forget your masks in the AM and PM! 🙂 🙂

Nya-nyah-bu, See you next time!

Lots of love,

Miss Mona and Miss Bianca