Jingeri Babies one! It was very cold outside this morning, our little friends loved playing indoors this morning to keep us all nice and warm. We really enjoyed building with Duplo blocks and playing with puzzles this morning. Airlie and Tayla loved greeting their friends at the gate saying “hello” as they arrived waving and giggling. Harper and Kiana enjoyed playing with the colorful Duplo blocks this morning and guessing their colors as they stacked them on top of one another.  This “yellow” said Kiana holding up the block proudly to her friend Harper.  Once Alina arrived, she enjoyed listening to the wiggles and shaking the maracas to the beat of the songs.  Enzo and Henry were away today.


Once Miss Chloe arrived, we separated rooms, and we began preparing for morning tea and transitioned to our highchairs singing our daily song “BB Bumble Bee can you sing your name to me”. Today for morning tea we enjoyed fresh fruit puree, banana, Raisin toast, and oranges. We are all doing a great job at feeding ourselves.

Once we finished morning tea Miss Bianca and Miss Chloe transitioned the children outdoors to enjoy the beautiful day now the sun was out and the activities that were set up outdoors to extend on our current interests.

Kiana, Airlie, and Harper ran straight over to the sensory table filled with yarn that looked like spaghetti and a little shelf filled with kitchen utensils for pretend play. Kiana grabbed a small spoon off the shelf and a little measuring cup and began spooning the yarn into the measuring cups and going over to Miss Bianca and pretending to feed her. Harper loved playing with the cash register and pressing the little buttons and grabbing the colander and placing the yarn inside and carrying it around the yard.

Airlie loved using the pretend mixer today and filling a metal bowl with yarn and making a growling noise as if she was mixing the spaghetti with a machine.

Whilst the other children were busy playing around the sensory table Alina enjoyed sitting on Miss Chloe’s lap for support and pulling the yarn out of the sensory bin and throwing it onto the ground as she smiled cheekily. Alina then went down for a little nap to re-energize.

Tayla ran straight over to the animal tray today picking up two little dolphins, she then walked over to Flynn in his rocker handing him one, and then took the other dolphin over to a little pram and placed the dolphin into the pram.  Once the dolphin was sitting in the pram Tayla began walking it around the yard humming to the dolphin what sounded like “twinkle little star”


Flynn today loved playing with the small world dolphins on his tummy and in his rocker. Miss Chloe then sat with Flynn and read through some picture books, we loved the animal books in particular. Miss Bianca then grabbed some yarn from the sensory table for Flynn to enjoy, he smiled as he began pulling apart the yarn using his fine motor skills. Flynn is doing so well on his Tummy and is really trying to move using his arms today.

At 10:30 today we then transitioned for group time, we began group time with our daily good morning song- “Good morning to you” “good morning to you” “good morning everybody, good morning to “Tayla” as we went around the room singing one another’s names to work on our name recognition. Miss Chloe and Miss Bianca then demonstrated the actions for our daily acknowledgment as they said, “Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends, and here am I!” our friends are doing a great job at copying the actions. Today for group time Tayla and Kiana have been singing a lot today, to further extend on their interest Miss Bianca and Miss Chloe sand “twinkle twinkle little star and “ The ABC” the girls loved humming and singing these two songs today together.  We then read “the hungry caterpillar” Airlie and Harper loved pointing out the little caterpillar each time Miss Bianca turned the page.

Once we finished group time, we transitioned for lunch by singing our transitioning song “BB bumble Bee can you sing your name to me” to encourage our name recognition. Today for lunch the children enjoyed Mi Goreng, boiled corn, Broccoli, carrots, and vegetable puree.

Our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines 🙂

Afternoon tea was seasonal fruits and crumble slice.

We spent the afternoon outdoors in the fresh air with the book tee-pee, small world animal tray, and sandpit open.

Belc Philosophy – We believe children’s immersion in their play illustrates how play enables them to simply enjoy being.

Please bring in or email through a family photo for our family tree 🙂 Our center email is info@benowaearlylearning.com.au

Nya-nyah-bu, See you Tomorrow

Lots of love,

Chloe, Bianca and Emma xxxx