Jingeri Babies One. It was another quiet morning that we spent indoors as our friends arrive along with our Babies Two friends. Everyone settled in fast and enjoyed the self- select shelf, the abacus mat and the book corner to start their day off. At 8:45 we sat down for a little group time with Miss Bianca while Miss Mona set up the outdoor area.

We started our group time with our daily Acknowledgement to country followed by a good morning song we are now introducing daily. It sings “Good Morning to you, Good Morning to you, Good morning …… and how do you do!” We went around each friend and educator who was here today singing this way. We then got straight into some reading! Our favourites were “That’s not my teddy!” “Rainbow colours” and “How to say Hello”. We read this books with our Abecedarian approach in mind J After finishing up with the story books, we transitioned off to morning tea in the highchairs or at the table,

Morning tea today was some fresh fruit with some slice and puree.

After finishing our morning tea, we headed outside with our hands on to do our second week of Sustainable Gardening with Miss Hillary! Harper and Tayla were SO excited, they ran out and put their hands up for a watering can! Leo, Lennox and Airlie watched to begin with but soon joined in after waiting for their turn to water the soil. Alina watched very carefully with big curious eyes! Today Miss Hillary explained that we were painting some Radish seeds alongside our lettuce heads. We used the sea-weed water to water the soil and Miss Hillary talked us through each step as we went. We can’t wait to hopefully be able to start tasting our veggies from the may veggie gardens we now have around the centre!

Today we had lots of opened ended activities that were extended from the interests of our little friends.

To extend on our friend Harpers fascination with painting from last Thursday, we had some open-ended water colour painting. Open ended play is a super important type of play that we value A LOT in the Babies One room. It allows for our friends to use their imagination to allow the play to go in any direction their creativity takes them as there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’! We had two paint pallets, 4 paint brushes and after popping a paint smock on, (if our friends were okay with this J) they got busy, and WOW we had lots of little Picasso’s! Tayla, Harper, Leo, Airlie and Ryder enjoyed painting up on the wooden easel, heading back and forth from paper to paint palette as they pleased. Lennox and Alina enjoyed their painting experience sitting on a mat with their paper taped to the wall. It was so lovely to see all of the babies so content, relaxed and happy painting away as they pleased J

To extend on Tayla’s strong interest in climbing and jumping, we set up a big obstacle course with foam blocks, balancing beams and wooden boards. Airlie, Tayla, Lennox and Leo were busy moving their bodies and working on their physical movement skills here.

Inside we did the ball drop game for our friend Alina’s fascination with balls! Our friends all worked together, sharing, passing balls to each other and rolling them through the pipes! Each time a ball came rolling our Alina moved around excitedly. Tayla and Airlie liked clapping after successfully putting a ball through the pipe.

Ryder, Alina and Lennox spent some time using the abacus beads. They focused on moving the beads up and over the wires or took time to turns to spin them around.

In the sensory trays, today we had some rice with wooden animals and sensory bottles. Ryder, Leo, Airlie, Tayla and Harper were busy scooping up the rice in their hands or searching for the wooden animals that were hiding underneath! Ryder, Leo and Tayla used the sensory bottles to make pouring and tipping movements.

Ryder and Harper made the most of the open sandpit and did lots of pretend play with the cooking equipment.

Leo, Alina and Lennox did lots of block play with the sensory blocks or the wooden blocks. Leo was intrigued here by the sensory blocks and started to colour match the blocks together. He matched the Yellow blocks side by side before matching the pink blocks too! He held them up and said “Hmm???” to make sure he did it the right way!

Harper, Tayla, Airlie, Leo and Lennox were our book worms today who took time out from their play to rest their bodies on the pillow with a book in hand! Each day we allow for 1:1 times to be child led as children play and approach their educators with toys that interest them. Today our 1:1 Interactions were during our friends quiet book play as they passed books that they wanted Miss Mona or Miss Bianca to read too them.

Lunch today was some lentil, tomato and veggie pasta with veggie puree, corn, peas and carrots! Our friends took their opportunity to work on their self-help skills, using their spoons to eat and drinking from their own drink bottles.

Our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines as best as they could! We venture to follow each child’s home routine J

Afternoon tea was some chia cookies with fruit on the side.

Thank you for a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

Mona and Bianca

Belc Philosophy We believe children’s immersion in their play illustrates how play enables them to simply enjoy being.

Please bring in or email through a family photo for our family tree J Our centre email is info@benowaearlylearning.com.au

Nya-nyah-bu, See you Tomorrow