Jingeri Friends and Welcome to the second day of celebrating NAIDOC week! We also welcomed a lovely new little friend Enzo to the Babies one room, we are so happy to have you!! We had such fun filled busy day on this sunny Tuesday with lots of exciting activities and experiences planned. At 8:40 we sat down on the mat to start our daily routine.

We started our group time with our daily Acknowledgement to country, “We acknowledge the people of the Yngambeh language region, the traditional owners of the land on which we meet” followed by “Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I” We then took some time to look through some Indigenous symbols and dot painting cards. We came across a lizard, a snake, a sun, an emu and a platypus. Our friends passed them around and all had a turn at looking closely at them. Leo made a “Ssssss” noise as he held the snake flashcard.

We then enjoyed some reading using the Abecedarian conversation reading approach. We chose the books “How to say hello” and “Kind words” As we read “How to say hello” our friends joined us in giving high fives, elbow taps, fist bumps and blowing kisses! Our favourite way to say hello today was definitely a fist bump! Tayla and Airlie thought this was very cool! We finished up our group time with some puppets and songs before transitioning to our highchairs and table for morning tea.

We enjoyed our meals alfresco style near the windows so that we could watch the world outside as we ate and we even spotted the garbage truck pulling in.

Morning tea was fresh fruit and a yummy slice. After eating, we headed out for some special gardening.

Today was our first session of our new Sustainability Program with our gardeners Miss Hillary and Mr Phillip! Miss Kylie and Miss Bec, the centres owners, have recently introduced this program into BELC to grow our centre into a more “Green” environment. This goes alongside our delicious sustainable menu and with the “Garden to plant” approach. We will have a gardening class once a week from now on and we can’t wait! Some of you might have spotted a new small veggie patch near our sandpit in our yard this week with some beautiful fresh lettuce and this was where we spent our morning. Miss Hillary brought down some watering cans with some water which had a seaweed component in it which she said helps keep the veggies grow. Ryder’s big sister Summer joined us for our experience today too as she spotted us over the fence of her room. Ryder, Tayla, Leo, Airlie, Lennox and Harper took turns watering the lettuce heads and feeling the soil with Miss Hillary. Enzo and Alina watched closely and were mesmerised by what they could see! We all had so much fun gardening and we can’t wait to watch our little Babies One garden grow 🙂

After gardening, we enjoyed activity time.

NAIDOC week is all about celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year’s theme, “Heal Country” shines a light on our shared duty to protect the beautiful country we live and work on, and to preserve the sacred sites and culture heritage of Indigenous lands. Today’s NAIDOC week celebration was a hand on natural art activity where our friends made their own Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags. We used different kinds leaves and branches as paint brushes and used the colours of the two flags while also having the flags displayed so that our friends had the opportunity to understand the connection of what they were painting. During this experience, we spoke about how the Aboriginal flag symbolises the people, the earth and the sun.  Tayla pointed to the yellow circle and repeated “Sun” We explained the Torres strait Islander flag as the land and the sea. Leo repeated “Sea” as Miss Mona pointed to the blue part of the flag.

Harper, Tayla, Leo and Airlie did lots of climbing, jumping and balancing on the big foam blocks outside! They had so much fun during this supervised risky play. Tayla liked wobbling back and forth smiling while Leo and Airlie pretend to be asleep! Harper cautiously walked up and jumped down of the top.

The sandpit was very popular with Alina, Enzo, Lennox, Tayla, Ryder and Harper spending lots of their time in and out of here. Enzo and Alina liked banging the silver bowls around to make lots of noise! Tayla, Lennox, Ryder and Harper used their fine motor skills to transfer sand with the spoons and cups.

Enzo, Ryder, Lennox, Airlie, Harper and Leo did some block play on the mat, preferring the wooden blocks over the sensory blocks. Leo was handing his friends wooden blocks and saying “taa” “taa”. Enzo and Ryder liked digging around in the block basket for the blocks they wanted.

Enzo, Ryder, Harper, Lennox and Alina were our musicians of the day making lots of loud and lovely music. Enzo was really enjoying this area of the room and shook every instrument with a big smile on his face. Alina was excited as she reached out for her all-time favourite shakers. She lent her head to the side with a big smile as she made her own music.

Harper, Airlie, Leo and Tayla were big book worms today! Harper was very fascinated by the touch and feel books in the basket. She pulled them all out and ran her hands over the different tactile surfaces. Airlie and Tayla took turns in reading books to the babies, it was so cute! Airlie was patting her babies on the back while she did this. Tayla was mumbling and chatting to her baby as she flipped the pages.

At 10:45 we started to pack away and got ready for lunch time.

Lunch was the perfect time for our friends to use and practice their self-help skills whether that be using utensils or using their hands for finger food. On the menu was some tomatoes, veggie spaghetti with lots of fresh veggies on the side and puree.

Our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines as best as they could! We venture to follow each child’s home routine in whatever way we can.

We enjoyed the afternoon outside exploring, playing and having lots of fun.
Please bring in or email through a family photo for our family tree J Our centre email is info@benowaearlylearning.com.au

Don’t forget your masks in the AM and PM! 🙂 🙂

Nya-nyah-bu, See you next time!

Lots of love,

Miss Mona and Miss Bianca