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Happy Monday babies one family and friends! 

We’ve started the week with a beautiful day, a bit quiet as some of our babies are away today. When Miss Karla arrived to the room at 8:30 this morning, found Tayla happily playing with Miss Emma and some friends from the baby’s two room. Soon Florence arrived and she was happy and ready to join Tayla and explore the room. We followed our daily routine changing our babies nappy before morning tea, sitting them on the high chairs and washing our babies hands. At about 9 am our babies were enjoying porridge freshly cut fruit and fruit puree for morning tea.

As our babies finished eating their morning tea, we slowly transitioned them to the self-select  activities area.

We held our little group time inside on the mat, Miss Tash was very excited to do a puppets show to our babies. They all sat down nicely around her as soon as they saw her holding the puppets basket. Mis Tash sang the “5 little frog” “5little ducks” “Tiny turtle” “twinkle twinkle little star” “open shut them” Our babies do very well at sitting and listening to the songs, they get very excited when they get to participate by holding the puppets. 

 We set up a sensory activity in the veranda “painting with cotton tips”, we covered the glass door with paper and offered cotton tips and two different colour paints for our babies to work on the fine motor skills while getting creative. Tayla was first to have a turn on the activity, she sat down and chose to start with the blue colour “blue” said Miss Karla as she was picking the cotton tip. Tayla started off by painting little lines on the paper and decided to use her finger to move the paint that was already on the paper, she soon dipped her fingers and hand on the cup with the paint to then make some hand prints. Henri seemed relaxed and focused on his task painting in little circular motions “that looks like a circle Henri!” Miss Tash suggested. Henri also enjoyed painting his pointing finger to then print it on the paper. Freya decided to use the orange paint to start with and went to paint her hand straight away with the cotton tip, “How does that feel Freya?” Miss Karla asked her, “cold” she replied back. She then continued her painting by making hand prints and it was cute to observe her holding her left arm with the right to then  pressed her left hand onto the paper. Phoebe was interested in painting with the blue painting making little dots and lines on the paper and she then also decided to slowly paint her whole hand using the cotton tip to then make the hand print on the paper. Florence did a great job holding the cotton tip and painting lines moving the cotton tip upward and then down, she looked concentrated repeating this action, well done Florence!

Building with the wooden blocks:  Miss Karla sat down on the mat and asked for help from our babies “ I need to build a big towel, can you guys help me?” she asked, they all came to sit next to her and engaged in building. Each of them worked in building their own towel and also did great team work. Henri and Tayla build together a very high towel, we counted all the blocks out loud to encourage numeracy and counting skills. Phoebe and Florence were happy to build together, Freya joined Phoebe and Florence once she was satisfied to build by herself. Of course for our babies the funniest part of building is knocking the towels over hehehe.

Our friend Henri is going to be on Mondays in the room as well starting from today and a little bird told Miss Karla our friend Henri really likes cars and trucks so we made sure there was an activity based on his interest to make his Monday fun and interesting for him. In the Veranda we set-up a sensory activity with sand and fallen bamboo leaves, cars, diggers and trucks and some loose parts as well. We observed Henri, Phoebe, Tayla and Freya engaging in this activity feeling the sand with their hands and playing with the cars. Tayla, Henri and Phoebe also loved sitting on the big digger and driving it around.

Our babies are very interested in building at the moment, we observed them engaging with the colourful duplo blocks in the veranda. They were busy pulling the blocks apart, and putting the blocks together again. This is an important activity great to support motor skills development. With this activity our babies are also developong concentration and attention and supporting their cognitive skills.

In the veranda our babies also enjoyed role-playing in the cubby house, rocking on the little horses, and  they also did some gross motor movements climbing the soft blocks and trying to balance standing on them.

At 10:30am it was time for us to venture inside and get ready for lunch. We first changed our babies nappies and then washed everyone’s hands to then provided them with yummy lunch. Today’s sushi  rolls, steamed carrots and broccoli, cheese and corn.

It was time then to rest our bodies following each of our babies’ routines . Everybody woke up happy and ready to explore the babies room environment once again. We will be offering indoor-outdoor play in the afternoon for our babies to choose where they prefer to play.

Thanks for a wonderful day, 

Love, Karla and Tash  xxx