Jingeri Friends and Happy Happy Friday! Hooray, we welcomed another new friend, Ryder and we are so happy to have you join us in our babies one room J The morning was very quiet and calm with Miss Mona enjoying the music area she set up with Tayla, Asher and Henry. Closer to 9 our friends Michael and Ryder joined us and just after 9 Alina arrived as we had began eating morning tea.

Today we had lots of our new little friends still settling in and we focused mostly on helping them to do this. We gave lots of cuddles, comfort and reassurance while enjoying lots of open ended free play in our big space. Our priority is to support and assist each child to become content in their kindy environment.

Miss Mona & Miss Rowan enjoyed a quiet small group time early in the morning. We started with our daily Acknowledgement to country, and followed this with some reading! As per usual, we followed the Abecedarian Approach to conversational reading which encourages a ‘back and forth’ kind of conversation when reading to our friends. This has been a great way to encourage some early language skills and we have noticed our friends are using lots of naming words as they point to the books now. We flipped through the mirror Happy Face book and we all giggled and smiled back at our reflections. Another favourite today was the Baby Book that had colours stripy pages, spotty pages and small mirrors on it too. Together we pointed to the different pictures as Miss Mona and Miss Rowan explained what they were. We finished reading with our “Where’s my tractor?” and “Where my Dinosaur?” Here we all liked feeling the different tactile surfaces and used our pointer fingers to do so.

We then transitioned up to the highchairs for some morning tea!

Morning tea was one of our very favourites, buckwheat pancakes with fruit puree and fruit pieces. .

After morning tea, some of our friends headed to bed for the first sleep of the day while others began their activity time.

We spent activity time mostly indoors as it was cold and rainy outside.

It’s safe to say the busiest area today was our music space! It was filled with lots of tambourines, shakers, sound box and music sticks. Alina and Tayla sat close by and investigated the sound box. Tayla picked up the different small wooden boxes and shook them. Alina watched her closely and repeated Tayla’s actions. Henry and Ryder liked the shakers and they both enjoyed using them to bang on the ground, on the shelves and on the tambourines! Michael also enjoyed the tambourine and the shaker together to make lots and lots of noise! Asher was fascinated by the wooden music sticks and watched it closely as he shook it to try to figure out where the sound was coming from. Miss Rowan enjoyed lots of big cuddles here as she encouraged our friends to make music in many different ways

Ryder, Henry, Asher and Michael were intrigued by the colourful abacus beads on the mat today and used their fine motor skills to move the beads up and down. Alina found her favourite sensory shakers and made lots of noise with them! Michael and Asher were interested in the sensory blocks and shook them, tipped them upside down and knocked them over to try to move the little objects that were inside.

Alina and Tayla were definitely our book worms today! Today was being a very kind friend and was sharing her books with Alina. Alina reached out, putting one hand of Tayla’s leg and took the book with the other hand and had a big happy smile on her face. Tayla then approached Miss Mona with a book she wanted to read, it was called “Winter birds”. Miss Mona enjoyed some cuddles with Asher, Tayla, Alina and Ryder here as we read through baskets and baskets of books!

At 10:20 we headed outside as the weather had cleared up a little bit and some of our friends were keen to use some of their energy! We set up a quiet block mat set up and also had some bikes out. Tayla and Michael chose to zoom around on the bikes and Henry pushed a push on trolley back and worth and watched its wheels turn. Asher, Ryder and Alina did some block building with Miss Rowan. We also had lots of fun with the bubbles! Tayla was trying her very best to blow them all herself with no help!

We then transitioned one by one up into our highchairs ready for lunch.

Lunch was some veggie lentil lasagne, with our friends who have dietary requirements enjoying a brown rice chicken dish.  rice, some with chicken, and lots of veggies & puree. Some of our friends worked on their self-help feeding skills while others had help from Miss Mona and Miss Rowan to fill their bellies with some wholesome yummy food!

After filling our bellies with food, our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines as best as they could. We endeavour to follow each child’s home routine in whatever way we can 🙂

Each day we allow for 1:1 times to be child led as children play and approach their educators with toys that interest them. Nappy changes are a great way to make one on one connections too. At the moment, we have colour flashcards up on the cabinet. Our friends enjoyed pointing to them and having conversations with their educators about what they can see here.

BELC Philosophy Of the Day – We focus on firm connections, that grow and evolve.

Babies One Messages; 

Please rug up in the mornings as its quiet cold before the sun comes out 🙂

Please don’t forget to bring back your child’s developmental book, we can’t wait to continue to work on them.

If any of our lovely families have any old kitchen cooking equipment that we they can donate, our friends would love to play with it in the sandpit area. Things such as muffin trays, mixing bowls, whisks, wooden spoons etc 

Nya-nyah-bu, see you later & have a lovely weekend!