Happy Friday Babies One and a very Happy Birthday to our friend Henry who is now a big 2 year-old! We started our day inside as it was very chilly out. We all had lots of cuddles and enjoyed the quiet morning, making the most of the quality time that we could. Today was our last day for our friends Florence, Henry, Lucas and Hope who are off on their next adventure to the Toddlers room.  Miss Mona was here from 7Am with Miss Rowan joined us at 8:30 to fill in for Miss Bianca who was away today. At 8:50 we packed away and started group time.

We the read SO many books! We had another lovely family donate some more books and they were very popular! We especially lived the interactive Wheels on the Bus book as well as a “puppies” book and a touch and feel book called “Little Roo”. Each of our friends reached out to feel the different tactile surfaces. We then read a book called Funny Face as a little extension on some of our friend’s interest in facial features. This book went through different emotions, sad, happy, excited and on each page, we pointed to the person’s nose, ears, eye and mouth. At the end of this book is a mirror and our friends had a turn at little at themselves in it and pointing to one of their facial features.

We then did our Acknowledgement to Country. Our friends helped Miss Mona and Miss Rowan with the actions to “Here is the land, here is the sky, here are my friends and here am I”. Our friends were then keen to continue flipping through the books we had just read over. As they were doing so, we had one of our new friends starting next week, Michael, arrive for a 20-minute play. We transitioned up to eat once we had all said hello and Michael joined us happily!

Morning tea was buckwheat pancakes and fresh fruit. While we ate we sang Henry Happy Birthday! After morning tea we packed away and got straight into activity time.
At the table, we had a playdough experience set up. We used cacao powder for half of the playdough and plain playdough for the other half. We used natural materials, recycled materials and wooden rollers as tools. Henry stuck a paddle pop stick into his playdough that he had put inside a clear container and Miss Mona sang “happy birthday” to him loudly. When she finished singing, he pretended to blow the candle out and his friends all clapped along. Tayla was squishing her playdough into the recycled containers and then poked different materials in and out using both hands. Tayla loved feeling the flowers here too! Hope was sticking paddle pop sticks into her playdough cupcake and was pretending to blow candles out too. She carried it around as she searched for more tools or materials to use and used a paddle pop stick to make a mixing motion. Lucas was very focused here, sticking in stick, branches and rolling pins into his playdough. He then enjoyed flattening his playdough like a pancake. He then handed it to Miss Mona with a big cheesy grin! Florence was counting “one…two…three” as she placed some paddle pop sticks into the playdough. She used her pointer finger as the counting along. Alina enjoyed a plate full of playdough, paddle pop sticks, wool and feathers! Alina was so busy here feeling the different textures and surfaces of everything. Alina was fascinated by the paddle pop sticks and the wool. She also liked squishing the playdough in her hands.

Today we had our threading activity with pipe cleaners and cooking strainers out again! The aim of this activity for to encourage our friends to use their fine motor skills and their pincer grasp. It also allowed for our friends to use or work on their concentration and hand eye coordination skills too! Henry, Florence, Tayla, Lucas and Hope were busy here, concentrating and focusing. Lucas, Henry and Florence worked the small muscles in their hands as they tried to thread the tips of the pipe cleaners through the holes of the strainers. Hope and Tayla preferred to work the opposite way, pulling the pipe cleaners out of each hole one by one. Henry picked up the red pipe cleaner and showed everyone and said “Red!!” Florence did some counting here. Alina spent some time here, reaching and grasping for the pipe cleaners. Alina then discovered that if she banged the strainer it made a loud noise so she continued to bang bang bang away, making her own music!

The sensory trays were occupied by Florence, Tayla and Lucas today. There was a bark tray and a sand tray, both filled with cars, trucks and diggers. Lucas and Florence searched through the sand and bark to find the transport vehicles that they were after. Florence liked the pink motor bike while Lucas liked the green car. Tayla liked feeling the bark and sand run over her fingers as she moved them around and around.

The small world truck ramp area was popular too! Henry, Lucas, Tayla, Hope and Florence all took turns driving the trucks and cars up over the tramps and into the dirt area where they filled the scoops of the diggers up.

Tayla, Florence, Hope and Henry did some solitary play over in the book area. They enjoyed flipping through the new books and used their sensory capabilities to feel the tactile surfaces.

Alina did some tummy time outside with the sensory shakers and some books. She enjoyed reaching out to shake the lentil and rice bottles. Alina played a game where she placed her head down and looked up at Miss Mona giggling and gurgling. She then started to slide herself backwards.

Today our friends Henry, Lucas, Florence and Hope ventured up into the Toddlers one room for the final transition day. They headed in with Miss Rowan from 10:10-10:35. They were all so happy exploring the big yard with Hope, Florence and Henry enjoying the obstacle course while Lucas liked the slippery slide. Henry and Lucas also enjoyed the block table After a little while they went into the Toddlers room and explored. The cars and trucks were very popular and Florence and Lucas enjoyed some playdough on the table with some of their new friends. They headed back into the Babies room with Miss Mona at 10:35.

At 10:45 we all packed away and got ready for meal time. Lunch was lentil veggie lasagne with a side of fresh veg, peas, corn and puree. We had lots of friends showing off their great self help skills!

Our friends who are working on their transition slept out on the mat with their little beds while the rest of our friends followed their sleep routines in the cot room.

We spent the afternoon indoors as it was very cold. In here we did some more playdough play, explored the sensory area and did LOTS of reading.

Theorist of the day –  Children learn at their own pace and will do things over and over again until they are happy that they have got it right and are ready to move onto a more difficult task- Maria Montessori

Today was our last day with some of our beautiful little friends. We wish you the best of luck in the big room next week. Miss Mona and Miss Bianca will be checking in throughout the week, just in case our friends need any help settling in. Thank for all for a wonderful first 6 months of the year, we will miss you friends and families!

Lots of love,

Mona and Rowan xxxx