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Its so lovely to see how excited our babies are to see their friends each morning.  Charles was so happy to see Lily and she was trying to give him a hug.  Sebastian said “Charles” and “Lily” when he saw them.  Azalya was playing with toys in the bouncer and loved the bubbles when Miss Dana got her bubble wand out.

Lots of fun peek a boo play this morning.  Sebastian and Miss Dana were playing together and joined by Charles and Lily.

Book corner was very busy with Charles, Lexi, Sebastian, Lily and Klaus all choosing books.  We also had lots of musical instrument fun with our friends.  Klaus, Lexi, Charles and Sebastian were playing beautifully together with the instruments.

Lily and Charles were building with the lego blocks together.

Miss Angela set up the yard with help from Sebastian, Charles and Chloe.  Sebastian chose the ball pit and was trying to pull it over to where he wanted it.  Lily, Jackson and Charles were helping each other to take the lid off the sand tray.  Klaus was busy in the sit in cars next to Chloe.  Lexi was standing at the fort and watching her friends slide down the slide.

Miss Karla came dancing in the gate with her music playing from her wireless speaker.  The babies all stopped what they were doing and were fascinated.  Chloe went straight over and started dancing.  Jackson was having the best time dancing on the mat.  He was really getting into the music and looked so happy. 

We had a little group time with songs and a story.  Miss Angela read the baby shark book and we sang the song (chosen by Sebastian – as he said “Shark”).   We also looked at the Wiggles Fruit Salad book –  chosen by Charles as he handed it to Miss Angela.

We hope to see you at our Fathers Day Movie Under the Stars tonight from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm.

We’ve had a fun Friday with the babies and we wish you a fantastic weekend.

Love Miss Angela and Miss Dana

Written by babies room