Lots of fun starting our day in the room this morning.   We had Azalya, Sebastian, Lily and Nicholas here first and they had a great time with the musical instruments.  Azalya was keen to be part of the group and was on the mat amongst the band along with Miss
Angela.  Great fun!  This seems to be our theme of the week – led by the babies.   When Chloe arrived she joined the group and picked up a drum.  Klaus also joined our group and he had a shaker.  Charles decided he would look at books with Miss Angela when he arrived.  He chose the Thomas the Tank Engine book.   Lily was looking through every basket to find something that caught her interest.  She chose the little wooden people. We all enjoyed going around the room spending time at different activities and choosing toys from the baskets. 

We enjoyed our morning tea – our favourite fruit toast!

Charles and Chloe went to the door and Charles pointed outside.  Our signal to move on out to the playground.  Our friends all followed.  Sebastian and Chloe went straight to the rocking horses.  Marley arrived just as we had moved outside.  He had a little cuddle with Miss Angela and together we were choosing different balls to roll.  Chloe and Lily were doing high fives with Miss Angela.  Charles saw this and came over to do one too.   Lexi was sitting on the mat outside with Miss Angela and Miss Nicole.  She was looking at the different coloured balls and enjoying some songs we were singing.  Chloe especially liked Wheels on the Bus and we looked at the book as we sang the song.

Miss Juliani arrived with our yummy lunch.  The Turkish bread, pumpkin soup, vege puree were delicious and the babies ate really well.

After sleep times we were full of energy again and ready to get outside again with our friends. 

Lots of fun with the babies today.

Love Miss Angela and Miss Nicole


Written by babies room