Congratulations to Jackson and his family on their new little baby boy who arrived on Monday.  We’re sure you will enjoy being a big brother Jackson!

We started the day on the mat with Miss Angela and some books.   Azalya was enjoying some tummy time looking at the elephant toy and feeling all the different textures on it.  When Lexi arrived she was having a wonderful time taking items out of baskets and using the bigger stackable wooden blocks to put things in alongside Sebastian who was doing the same.    Chloe found her favourite fire truck to zoom across the floor and each time she went to get it she bought it back to Miss Angela to set it off again.  Jackson decided this looked fun and they were racing each other to the fire truck.  Miss Angela gave them turns to collect the fire truck and bring it back.  This worked very well surprisingly as they did wait for their turn.  Jackson was also filling up the blue and red plastic buckets with the smaller toy items and building blocks.   The book area was once again very popular.  Chloe spent ages picking out books from the shelves to look at and then hand them to Miss Angela or Miss Karla to read with her.  Marley and Sebastian were in and out of the playhouse peeking through the windows.    Lexi was interested in animals today and we gave her a basket of the smaller ones for her to look through.  She was settled in this activity for quite a while this morning.   Chloe came over to join her and they played along beautifully side by side.

We had a couple of lovely outdoor play sessions today.  Jackson and Sebastian helped Miss Angela set up the hard.  Sebastian was determined to try to drag the ball pit out.  Miss Angela said “I’ll help you Sebastian”.  He looked so happy to be helping.   Chloe was enjoying time on the rocking horses with a big smile on her face.  Marley was up and down the fort and exploring how to get through the holes underneath to hide.  Lexi was fascinated by leaves and was holding them up closely to her face to look at them.   Miss Karla was singing songs and it was lovely to see the children trying to do the actions with her.  They really liked the Wheels on the Bus.   Sebastian and Chloe were trying really hard to do the actions and were full of smiles as we clapped them for their efforts.

The children enjoyed their meals today – particularly the pasta at lunchtime – always a favourite finger food. 

We have had a wonderful week in the babies room and it has been lovely to spent lots of time outside during our days now that the settled weather is back.  Enjoy your weekend.

Love Miss Angela and Miss Karla

Written by babies room