Our Story…

Happy Wednesday!!

It was such a lovely day outside today and the Babies all had so much energy, Miss Claudia and Miss Jess thought the babies might like to have a water play day.

Once we finished morning tea, we enjoyed a short group time while Miss Claudia helped us to put on our hats and sunscreen. we enjoyed joining in singing lots of different songs, our Favourite song at the moment is Tiny Turtle. Once we were all ready, we ventured out onto the verandah and begun exploring the water. Harley, Isla and Kipree loved playing with the spray bottles, they loved spraying the water into the trough and garden, but most of all they loved to spray Mr Dayne with the water.

Arlo and Klaus enjoyed filling the measuring cups up with lots of water and watering the garden and cleaning the blocks. Mia and Karina loved figuring out what the funnels are for, Miss Jess demonstrated by placing the funnel on top of a bottle and using the measuring cup to pour the water into the funnel. Mia and Karina filled up two big bottles, before joining Arlo and Klaus watering the garden. Aaron enjoyed time constructing with blocks, making tall towers before tipping them over.

After such a fun morning in the water, Miss Claudia put on some wiggles music and baby shark for us to dance to, before we ventured inside to get changed into some nice dry clothes. All the babies enjoyed their delicious hamburgers for lunch and a big sleep ready for a fun filled afternoon!

Thank you Babies 2 for a wonderful Wednesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Jess xx

Reminder: Babies 2 Christmas party Friday 11th December 2020 4-5