Our Story…

Welcome to another beautiful day in the Babies 2 room with Miss Claudia and Miss Madie. We only had a little play in the Babies 1 room this morning, before transitioning into our room for a play while we waited for all our friends to arrive.

Once most of our friends had arrived at kindy, we got ready for some delicious morning tea. we loved morning tea today, with lots of friends asking for seconds and even thirds.

After morning tea we got straight into activities. Miss Claudia organised a Christmas collaging activity for us at the table today. Karina, Lexi, Harley, Arlo, Kipree, Aaron, Mia and Ivy were all very excited to begin exploring the collaging activity. Two at a time they came to the table and spread glue all over the Christmas stocking, they the used the red and green cellophane and pom poms to decorate the stocking. The Babies made sure to used lots and lots of cellophane and pom poms to cover all of the white paper.

Through out the morning  the babies also enjoyed dancing to the Christmas carols, driving in the cars, role playing in home corner and making lots of beautiful music with the musical instruments.

After such a buys morning, we were all ready for some delicious lunch and a much needed rest.

Thank you Babies 2 for a wonderful Tuesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Madie xx