Our story…

It was a lovely morning in the Babies 2 room with Miss Claudia and Miss Tegan.

Once all the babies had arrived at kindy, we got ready to enjoy some delicious morning tea. The babies enjoyed yummy choc slice, fresh fruit and fruit puree. Babies 2 loved their morning tea, asking for “MORE!”

As we finished morning tea, we got cleaned up and joined Miss Claudia on the mat for a little group time. To begin our group time Miss Claudia and Miss Tegan said the Aboriginal acknowledgement, encouraging the babies to repeat the words and actions. Miss Claudia then read us lots of different books… we loved listening to the book called row row row your boat. The babies loved screaming when the words said “and don’t forget to scream!”

While we were busy enjoying stories, Miss Tegan organised a reconciliation week art activity for us. Miss Tegan went exploring outside and found some leaves on the ground, Miss Tegan collected these leaves and added them to yellow, red and black paint. One at a time, Ivy, Matthew, Elodee, Lachlan and Thomas sat in the high chairs, Miss Tegan placed a piece of paper in front of the Babies and held the different coloured paints and leaves in front of the babies, giving them the choice of what colours to use. Babies 2 loved this activity stamping the leaves onto the paper and scrunching the leaves in their hands. Most of all Babies 2 loved getting their hands messy!

Throughout the morning Babies 2 also enjoyed engaging in block constructing, dancing, singing and reading books in book corner with Miss Claudia.

After such a fun morning, it was time for some delicious lunch. Babies 2 loved having pizza for lunch, with the babies eating seconds and even thirds!

Thank you Babies 2 for a wonderful Tuesday

Miss Claudia and Miss Tegan xx