What a fun day with the Babies 2 class! We spent the morning in with the Babies 1 class coming into our own room for morning tea and a group time experience. The babies are all really enjoying group time, staying focused and engaged for longer periods of time. Miss Claudia read the touch and feel book called ‘Little Puppy’, asking babies to feel the different textures in the story then name the farm animal and the sound it makes, a couple of the children did well to mimic this attempting to say name and sound of the animals. We we lucky enough to have some outside time before the rain hit. Ivy asked to hear ‘Emma’ (wiggles music) once Miss Tegan played the music lots of friends began to join in dancing around to the wiggles songs. Kingston & Ivy were also seen doing the actions for the songs. Kingston showed enjoyment climbing over the a-frame, he was very proud of himself smiling right at Miss Tegan putting out his hand as if to say help me climb over the top. Once he had hold of Miss Tegan’s hand he climbed right over the top and was able to walk down the beam all by himself. Madeline started the obstacle course from the opposite end, crawling through the tunnel, the up onto the beam as she then balanced all the way up to the a-frame. Eddy followed Madeline but not interested in climbing the beam just wanted tom play in the tunnel. Elodee was interest in the animals with the wooden house in the sandpit, she picked up the horse, Miss Tegan said ‘you have a horse’ Elodee replied ‘horse’. she had a great time manipulating it around the sand area, putting it up on the top of the house before deciding it should walk through the garden. Ivy came over to look at the animals and noticed their footprints in the sand, where she then placed her own foot in the sand to see the print. Eddy then joined getting himself an elephant, when Miss Tegan made the elephant noise Eddy copied. Miss Tegan then organized an art activity for the babies to paint with a couple of small animals, stamping their feet all over the page, everyone took part in this activity, enjoying a bit of time to be creative. Stevie loved painting she just wanted keep painting so was given opportunity to paint 2 pictures with the animals but had the best time playing a game of peek a boo with Miss Tegan, hiding behind the pole popping out to say ‘peek a boo’ Ivy then came and joined the game and the girls kept playing it together, laughing with each other. Lachlan really enjoyed playing with the large blow up ball, rolling it around the room, catching it then rolling it again, he followed the ball around for a long time showing lots of enjoyment playing inside with the big ball as he practiced his catching, rolling and throwing skills.