Welcome to a beautiful day in the Babies 2 room with Miss Claudia and Miss Chloe.

We begun our day in the babies 1 room with Miss Claudia and Miss Mona, we had so much fun engaging with the wooden blocks, building tall towers before knocking them down to the ground. We also enjoyed some quiet time on the mat reading books with Miss Mona, we especially loved the touch and feel books along with the fire truck book. Once most of our friends had arrived at kindy, we transitioned into our room and got ready for some delicious morning tea. The babies loved their morning tea, eating lots of carrot slice, banana, crackers and fruit puree. Great eating Babies 2! Once we finished our morning tea, Babies 2 joined Miss Chloe on the mat to welcome all of our friends to kindy today. We sang our wonderful good morning song and used our names to encourage our name recognition. We then enjoyed some reading and silly singing with our favourite books and song “row row, your boat”. Noah showed a lot of interest in his book and enjoyed listening to the songs. Kingston showed us all that he could see the kookaburra in the book.

While our friend Lachlan went and enjoyed a lovely morning sleep, we moved onto our physical activity for the day. We used our gross motor skills to dance/spin around the room with the ribbons. Cater had a lot of fun showing us how high he could make the ribbon go. Eddy showed us he could be silly and wear the ribbon in his hair! Looking good Eddy! Spencer showed off his awesome blue ribbon to his friends.

After we had enjoyed letting out some energy, Miss Chloe put up some new sensory bags for us to explore. Kingston really enjoyed this activity and even helped Miss Chloe put them up on the window. Once all the sensory bags were on the window all the babies begun exploring the different textures of the rice and lentils and tried to move the snakes around in the water.  When Lachlan woke up from his nap he joined his friends exploring the sensory bags.

Thank you Babies 2 for a wonderful Thursday on Babies 2

Miss Claudia and Miss Chloe xx