Good afternoon Families,

Today we explored the dream time story How the birds got their colours. We sat on the grey rug and took turns at looking at the pictures. Harley pointed out the birds. Kingston got excited looking at all the colourful pages and Spencer and Eddy found comfort using this time to bond with their educators. Miss Cindy set up the wooden rainbow and role-modelled how to roll the trucks underneath like a tunnel. Eddy found enjoyment in the trucks attempting to role them under the red rainbow piece. Noah enjoyed the wooden rings he leaned on the investigation table and pulled down the wooden ring set onto the floor. Shaking it so the rings fell off Noah let out a giggle.

Matthew went straight for the garden as soon as we opened the veranda doors. Using his right hand he grasped a handful of bark. Harley made her way to the rocking horse, she climbed on and began rocking herself, “weeee” she said excitedly. Aaron began exploring the stacking blocks with Eddy, Miss Cindy showed them how to build them up while singing “build it up, build it high” Matthew heard Miss Cindy singing and made his way over to join Eddy and Aaron. Kingston has been busy showing everyone his walking skills, he is very proud of himself. Spencer found comfort with the silicone rings in his teeth. He sat on the hessian mat exploring them before moving along to the books.

Miss Cindy and Miss Bek.