Happy Friday Families! We started our rainy day by welcoming each friend one by one and offering everyone some lovely cuddles over in the babies 1 room. We enjoyed playing with the construction blocks, making beautiful music with the musical instruments, and just playing with our friends. Once we had a big play, we moved into our room to start our daily routine. As we entered our room, we jumped straight into the high chairs to enjoy some yummy morning tea and when we filled our bellies we were ready to go off and explore our wonderful room and the many learning opportunities we had to find.


We started off joining on the mat for a group time completing our daily Acknowledgement to Country and then sung some of our favourite songs, including ‘Heads shoulders knees and toes’ which Kingston enjoyed dancing too. During our group time, we welcomed our friends by saying good morning and using their names to encourage self-identity.


After our group time, we enjoyed some free play exploring the toys and play spaces in our room. Thomas enjoyed climbing up and down on the foam blocks, using his gross motor skills. Ivy enjoyed sitting on the mat and reading some of her favourite books at kindy. Noah showed his interest in the sea animals as he demonstrated his increasing skills in creative play. Stevie also showed off her increasing gross motor skills by climbing over the foam blocks and giggling. Our friends Elodee and Lachlan enjoyed a lovely morning nap.

We continued expressing our creative side with some painting today. We used our fine motor skills to paint many colours onto the paper and then fold the paper to create a beautiful butterfly effect artwork. These stunning pieces of art are heading off by mail to our local aged care home for the elderly to enjoy.


While some of our friends went off to have a lovely cozy nap, the rest of us enjoyed watching the Australian Animal Float. We saw a Kookaburra, a Koala and a Cockatoo. This rainy weather doesn’t stop us from seeing wonderful things around the centre. We then came back indoors and talked about how awesome it was to see such beautiful creatures right there in the car park! How awesome!!


Thank you to all our adorable friends for coming to learn and play with us today! Enjoy your weekends families!

Love, Claudia and Chloe xx