Our story…

It was a lovely start to our day in the Babies 1 room with Miss Claudia and Miss Mona. The room was set up with lots of different loose parts, books and blocks. Elodee, Ivy, Lachlan and Kingston had so much fun exploring all the different loose parts and manipulating the tongs to try and pick up the loose parts and place them in different bowls. After having lots of fun in the Babies 1 room, we followed Miss Claudia into the Babies 2 room, where we got ready for some yummy morning tea. While the babies were busy eating their morning tea, Miss Chloe arrived. The babies were very excited to see Miss Chloe with lots of friends waving and saying “HI!” Once everyone was finished their morning tea, The babies got all cleaned up and joined Miss Chloe on the mat for group time this morning. Miss Chloe read us lots of different books, the babies loved listening to the story We’re going on a bear hunt and pressing the buttons on the side of the book so they could hear all the different sounds.

After enjoying lots of stories, the babies were very eager to begin exploring. Miss Chloe organised an art activity for us today, The babies used foil instead of paper and cotton tips instead of painting brushed, the babies also loved using their hands!! Kingston, Ivy, Thomas, Matthew, Lachlan, India and Elodee all had a turn at creating lots of beautiful pictures with the paint. They loved exploring the different texture of the foil and cotton tips.

Around the room Kingston and Thomas were busy constructing with the wooden blocks. They stacked the blocks as high as they could before they knocked the tower down to the ground! Thomas and Kingston found this activity very funny, with lots of smiles and laughs shared between them. Elodee, Ivy and Matthew enjoyed some quiet time in book corner with Miss Claudia, reading books. They loved looking at the touch and feel books, exploring all the different textures on the animals throughout the book. India had a big turn on the rocking horse, she loved the feeling of rocking back and forth. Lachlan had such a fun morning throwing and rolling the balls with Miss Chloe. Lachlan loved throwing the balls as far as he could.

Thank you Babies 2 for a wonderful Friday!

Miss Claudia and Miss Chloe xx’