Happy Friday and Welcome to a beautiful day in the Babies 2 room with Miss Claudia and Miss Chloe.

It was another wet day today, so the babies enjoyed an inside day, exploring all the different activities set up around the babies 2 room. Activities today included: ball painting, imaginary play in home corner, sea animals, book corner and puzzles.

After enjoying lots of delicious morning tea, the babies were so excited to being engaging in the art activity. One at a time, Thomas, Lachlan, Stevie, Kingston and Noah came to the table. With some help from Miss Chloe, they placed different coloured paint on to the paper and placed two balls into the container. The babies then placed their hands on either side of the container and begun shaking the container from side to side. The babies loved looking at their paintings when they were hung up in the wall!

While everyone was having their turn paining, Noah and Lachlan were having so much fun rocking back and forth on the sea saw, while singing row your boat. Thomas enjoyed racing the truck up and down the wooden ramp. Stevie and Kingston enjoyed their morning exploring the sea life area. They enjoyed loved finding the different sea creatures throughout the ‘ocean’ and ‘seaweed’

After such a fun morning, it was time for some yummy lunch. The babies all sat up in the high chairs in a big circle while they enjoyed their yummy lunch.

Thank you Babies 2 for a wonderful Friday

Miss Claudia and Miss Chloe xxx