Our story…

Happy Friday!

It was a lovely day in the babies 2 room with Miss Claudia and Miss Jess.

We had a special visit from Uncle Allan today. Uncle Allan bought in a special book about Australian animals and plush toys to match the animals in the book. Lexi, Klaus and Daisy loved using the special pen to listen to the story, while Harley, Ivy and Samayra enjoyed giving the plush toys lots of cuddles. Uncle Allan showed us how he play the Didgeridoo, Klaus, Lexi and Daisy loved feeling the vibrations as Uncle Allan played the Didgeridoo.

After saying bye to Uncle Allan Daisy asked if we could do some drawing, Miss Jess placed some crayons and paper on the table, Harley, Ivy, Karina, Lexi, Daisy, Klaus, Samayra and Mia spent most of their morning around the table drawing lots of beautiful pictures with lots of different colours.

After such a fun morning, we helped to pack away the room and got ready for some yummy lunch and a much needed rest, so we have lots of energy for our Christmas party!!

thank you babies 2 for a wonderful Friday

Miss Claudia and Miss Jess xx