Today we spent a majority of our day exploring the outdoor environment, we popped on some relaxing acoustic music and set up the wooden eggs with the muffin tray, Duplo, sandpit and the rocking horse. Miss Bek took turns dancing with Aaron, Eddy and Matthew, with Harley asking “hand, hand” to dance with. Kingston sat on the mat with Mr Oskar, Oskar began clapping two eggs together, Kingston, with a big grin on his face, began mimicking this action. Harley Joined Aaron on the mat as they explored the duplo, Harley added a green duplo piece to a large red piece before finding a blue car, “car, car” she said excitedly. Aaron looked over at Harley and picked up 2 blue cars. Aaron giggled as he showed Harley his finds. Spencer enjoyed some quiet time looking over the Australian animal books with Miss Bek, feeling the different surfaces and materials inside the books. Noah was busy in the sandpit this morning exploring the rakes and the lines they could create in the sand. Harley saw Noah in the sandpit and decided to fetch him all the blue buckets.

While exploring the indoor environment Spencer showed curiosity in the home corner kitchen finding fun in opening and closing the doors. Spencer then moved along to the exploration table where he came across the wooden ball shaker. Kingston was busy showing hiss peers and educators how fast he is on his feet now. This encouraged Eddy to walk with assistance from Cindy and Bek. eventually, Eddy began walking across the mat to his educators on his own. Eddy made his way to the centre of the round mat to Miss Cindy. Miss Cindy picked up a wooden truck and rolled it down the wobble board that she had placed upside down to replicate a bridge. Eddy began to laugh and Miss Cindy handed him a truck. Eddy then rolled the truck down the wobble board, letting out a giggle as it reached the ground.

Thanks for a wonderful day,

Bek and Cindy.