Welcome back Families, we hope you had a wonderful Australia day, soaking up the sun and enjoying the lovely weather,

Today, Spencer and Noah discovered the wooden trucks. They sat across from each other with a truck in hand. Spencer enjoyed rolling the wheels with his hand while Noah attempted to roll his truck, on the ground. Madeline sat with Miss Cindy on the round indoor mat, Miss Cindy started stacking the wooden rings onto the stand, Madeline attempted to mimic this. We also explored the babies, wooden rainbow and puzzles while exploring the indoor environment.

The babies are still showing such a great interest in the outdoor environment. Aaron and Noah used the bridge to enter the garden area, together exploring the bark. Aaron then moved along to the outdoor mat where the pegboards and large soft blocks sat. Aaron began stacking pegs onto the purple base when Matthew decided to join in. Harley sat across from Aaron and began stacking her own blocks before moving along to the sandpit. India enjoyed the pegboards and climbing onto the large soft blocks.