Happy Monday parents and caregivers,

What a wonderful day we have had today in Babies 2. The babies are still showing a great interest in the outdoor environment, To extend on our recent discoveries in sensory play Miss Cindy filled the shallow black trough with fresh new sand. Kingston, Carter and Stevie all thoroughly enjoyed this. Noah found comfort in the wooden rocking boat Miss Bek sang row, row your boat and the see-saw song, Noah loved this giggling as he rocked up and down. Harley had requested we listen to Emma wiggle, Miss Cindy found a wiggles playlist and started playing it through the Bluetooth speaker. Ivy joined Harley on the rug outside and together they twirled and danced together.

As we explored the indoor environment, Stevie came across the heathy eating puzzle, with assistance Stevie was able to complete the puzzle and show signs of accomplishment when completed. Noah and Kingston initiated a game of peek-a-boo using the door from the home corner kitchen. Ivy an Harley took turns with the babies, Ivy carried hers around with her toy Bingo while Harley put her baby to sleep on the grey cushions.

Thank you Babies 2 for a wonderful Monday.

Miss Cindy and Miss Bek.