Good afternoon Families,

To extend on our recent sensory experiences, Miss Cindy cooked some spaghetti at home and brought it in. With the help from Harley, Miss Cindy divided up the spaghetti into 4 different zip lock bags and added different coloured food dye to each bag. Once the spaghetti had soaked up the food dye Miss Cindy placed it all into a large shallow container and placed it on the hessian mat on the veranda. Harley made her way over first, looking at the spaghetti she decided to step back and observe her peers. Matthew was fast to join in, using his hands to scoop up as much spaghetti having a little taste, Matthew got very excited waving the spaghetti around and laughing. Ivy, Eddy and Aaron joined in mixing all the spaghetti around the container. Harley noticed the fun her peers were having and decided to feel the spaghetti, she then moved on to the large foam blocks, piling them on top of each other. Stevie and Madeline thoroughly enjoyed the sensory books, they looked over them with Miss Bek looking at all the Australian animals and feeling the different materials inside.

Today we spent most of the day exploring the outdoor environment. During the short time we spent inside we explored Crayon drawing as per Harley and Ivy’s request. Miss Cindy sat on the floor with Matthew, Aaron, Harley, Ivy and Eddy, she placed down some white paper and handed out the crayons. We had some relaxing music, Stevie thoroughly enjoyed it, looking at the speaker on the shelf and kicking her legs as she giggled.