Happy Monday Families and caregivers,

During indoor exploration we explored the sensory books, India and Stevie sat with Miss Bek as she named all the Australian animals Stevie and India took turns at feeling the pages. Noah pulled out the basket of wooden trucks off the shelf onto the woven mat. Noah picked out the fire truck, placing the top of the truck into his mouth before shaking in his hand and attempting to roll it on the mat. Harley took the wooden ring activity off the exploration table and carried it to the big chair, she took up facing the chair as she stacked the rings onto the stand. Harley then moved the experience to the grey rug in book nook. Throughout the day we played the wiggles in the background as per Harley’s request. Harley had fun twirling around in circles.  Eddy sat on the grey mat with the sensory balls, finding fun and enjoyment in the ball with the mirror.

The babies have shown a great interest in the outdoor environment exploring the sensory factors the garden has to offer. Today Stevie, Kingston and Noah had fun crawling in the bark. Noah then found the large wooden blocks having a little taste before attempting to stack one onto another. Harley asked to take the wiggles outside and continued her beautiful twirling. India and Eddy found happiness in the animal puzzles opening up the doors to see which animals were hiding behind the doors. Miss Cindy took out the bubble mixture today sitting down with a couple of babies at a time. Noah was a bit unsure at first but then warmed up to them. Stevie was so intrigued by them watching them float past her. Eddy used the sensory triangle to assist himself with standing before pushing it along to take some steps.

Thank you for a wonderful day,

Tegan, Bek and Cindy