We made through week one of 2021! Its been such a wonderful week getting to know your lovely babies and being graced by their infectious smiles. We have really spent the week focusing on building attachments with your little ones and getting to know all their little quirks.

Today, Harley revisited the baby dolls she has shown a great interest at extending empathy and care as she fed them bottles and put them to sleep in the bouncer. Kingston has been showing off his impressive standing skills to anyone coming to visit. He will definitely be taking some steps soon. Matthew had observed Harley caring for the dolls, he approached the table where Harley had left one of the dolls and toy bottles. Matthew then began feeding the bottle to the doll with a big smile on his face. Matthew moved on to the splash mat sitting in our cosy book nook, he used his palms to swish around the fish inside. Noah explored the wooden building blocks, India noticed this from the other side of the mat and quickly crawled over to join him. Together they found enjoyment in exploring the cane basket the blocks belong in.

As we explored the outdoor environment, Noah explored the farmhouse and with the little people and animals, Miss Cindy recited the noises each animal makes as he picked them up. Today we got a little messy as we explored the garden. Noah, Matthew, India and Madeline made their way to the garden, Matthew sat in the bark kicking it with his feet and picking it up in his hands, Noah did the same. India had lots of fun crawling through the bark she ended up with it all over her, but she quite enjoyed it. Madeline was a little unsure, to begin with, but soon shared her contagious smile. We also explored the rocking horse, wooden cars and wooden people.

Thank you for such a wonderful first week,

Bek and Cindy.