Happy Thursday families, we have had such a wonderful day today!

For one-on-one engagements we have been focusing on feeding and nappy changes, this is a great way for us to get to know each Baby individually. During Nappy changes, we have been focusing on singing nursery rhymes to make the process more exciting. Today Aaron and Miss Cindy explored the soft coloured blocks. Together they piled the on top of each other while Miss Cindy sung ‘Build it up’. Harley spent the morning in home corner with the baby dolls. Miss Bek joined her; Harley demonstrated how she fed the babies their bottles. “Bubba” she said.

We have been singing lots of songs throughout the day, this has helped to distract children, keeping them happy. It seems all the children have liked to listen to Miss Cindy & Miss Bek sing songs. While children have their nappies changed, they have enjoyed hearing nursery rhymes. We have been sticking to the same set of nursery rhymes to bring a sense of familiarity with their routine.

Harley explored the babies feeding them with pretend bottles and rocking them in her arms, “Bubba sleep” she said showing Miss Bek how well she can take care of them. Spencer and Matthew explored the wooden people, grasping them in their hands and exploring them on their gums. Harley requested to draw like yesterday and Cindy gave her the crayon and white A4 paper. Kingston was very active today making his way around the environment to explore, he thoroughly enjoyed the wooden rings crawling across the mat to transfer them from the table to mat. Matthew thoroughly enjoys the outdoor environment; he loves exploring sensory activities in the garden. Today Matthew transferred the wooden balls to the barked garden area.  Eddy explored the rainbow stackers with Kingston. Miss Cindy introduced the wooden cars to Kingston and Eddy and showed them how to roll them through the rainbow pieces like a tunnel. This got a lot of giggles out of Eddy and Kingston. Aaron enjoyed the soft blocks on the hessian mat with Harley joining him before she made her way to the rocking horse.

Miss Cindy and Miss Bek