Good Morning friends and Happy Friday! Miss Mona was here from 7:30 to greet our friends and welcome them to kindy for the day. Abie and Hope played beautifully together at the abacus bead box today. Florence was very intrigued by the big sit in cars and Tayla liked exploring liked digging in the sand and putting her hands in and out of the water tray. Henry carried his favourite car around with him. Lucas arrived just in time for morning tea. Tilly and Alina joined us a little later in the morning.

We transitioned inside by singing “Let’s go inside!” and asked the babies if they were hungry!

Today we continued practicing the AUSLAN sign for “more” and “please/thankyou” during meal times. Our friends enjoyed saying “More” with their hands, especially for the muffins! When it was time to pack away, we ask our friends if they were finished and they communicated by nodding. We used warm face washers to clean their faces before transitioning to our activity time.

Sensory play;

For activity time today, we continued our shared interest in sensory play! We had a big water tray filled with water and cars/trucks which our friends Albie, Lucas, Hope, Tayla, Tilly and Florence put their hands in and out. Hope and Albie made a game together and took turns rolling the cars up and down the little ramps in the tray. We had another sensory activity today where there was a tub filled with cut up limes and oranges! Our friends were encouraged to smell and touch the pieces of fruit. Miss Mona was asking questions like “What does it smell like?” “Is it gooey?” “Is it squishy?” “Does it smell sour?!” Albie, Tayla, Florence, Hope, Lucas, Tilly and Alina used their sense to explore this experience today. Albie squished the fruits in his hands and then passed them off to his friends. Tayla also liked squishing them in her fingers. Miss Chloe put Alina fingers in the tray which made her smile and blow little bubbles! Lucas poked the fruit with his fingers.

Manipulative play;

Our sand tray was very busy today too. Henry, Lucas, Florence, Hope, Tilly and Albie were used their hands to manipulate the sand and the sandpit toys in the sand tray. Lucas used one hand to hold the funnel and used the other hand to dig the sand and pour it into the funnel. Albie and Hope liked transferring the sandpit from the tray to the water tray and back again. Henry spent some time with Miss Emma in the big sandpit. He liked exploring this space! It made him very happy.

Explorative play;

At 10:00 we had a special animal encounter! Our older friends in the centre were having an Animal reptile show so we had two little visitors, Shelly the Turtle and a friendly blue tongue lizard. Florence was very brave and liked patting the animals on the back to feel them. Albie kept saying “WOW!” and “Oh!!!!” and shaking his head. Hope and Lucas looked but decided not to touch. Miss Chloe helped Alina by running her little fingers over the turtles back.

Dramatic play;

Hope and Florence were very busy in home corner looking after the babies by pushing them in the prams of patting them in their high chairs. Albie also did some pretend play as he ‘cooked’ over the stove stop. Lucas, Tayla, Henry, Florence, Albie and Hope also all enjoyed pretending to drive around in the cars and diggers. Henry liked waving hello and goodbye while sitting on the digger. Hope and Albie liked pretending to beep the horns saying “Beep!!!” or “Ahhh!!!!”. Florence was saying “Yay!” giggling and Our friends are really enjoying role play at this time! Dramatic play is a very important area of play for our little friends as it allows them to explore and use their own imagination, gain confidence and encourages communication and language skills, verbal and non- verbal.

Physical play;

Henry enjoyed some time on the see-saw today! Alina also did some tummy time alongside her friends playing.

Lunch; Lentils, Pasta, corn and veggies
Rest times

Each friend’s sleep times vary depending on their routines

Afternoon Tea: Slice, fruit and crackers

We gave the babies the option of indoor and outdoor with leaving the door open for free choice.

Late snack; Crackers and Fruit

Thanks for a wonderful Friday babies!

See you all next week, have a great weekend 🙂

Mona and Chloe