Happy Friday Babies 1!

We enjoyed some indoor outdoor play this morning with Miss Bek and Miss Chloe. We enjoyed utilising the home corner space as well as the outdoor sandpit. It was a quiet morning with most of our friends arriving closer to 9:0clock which allowed us lots of one on one time filled with cuddles! Miss Mona arrived at 8:30 too see lots of happy faces. After settling in we started our daily routines, beginning with morning tea.  We then welcomed our friend Lucas for his very first day!

Morning tea we enjoyed some muffins and fruit!


Sensory play;

Water Animal Tray

For a sensory activity time, we had our water tray filled with water, shells, animals and tree branches! Our friends were very engaged here, feeling the water on their hands and splashing the water so that it went all over them and their friends! Lucas liked wetting the elephant and the gorilla, sometimes using the tree branches! Florence and Hope splashed and laughed side by side. Florence liked using the branches to move the water around. Hope put a baby in the tray and began to wash its head with water. Henry put his hands in and out of the water and said “Hmm!!?” Tayla was very excited for water play and was splashing and throwing the leaves and branches around laughing and giggling. She liked putting the branches into Miss Mona’s hand saying “Taa!!”

Physical play;

See-saw climbing frame, Diggers, Balls, Bikes, Tummy Time

Albie, Florence, Hope, Lucas and Henry enjoyed riding the diggers and bikes around in the shade of our little yard. Lucas and Henry preferred the diggers while Albie, Florence and Hope liked the ride on sheep bikes. Henry also liked kicking the balls around the yard and asking for “More”. When Tayla woke up from her sleep she loved opening and closing the back of the digger seat. Alina did lots of small sessions of tummy time today! She worked hard at strengthening her muscles by looking up to see Miss Mona and Chloe encouraging her. Hope and Henry clapped her on too. Alina also spent lots of time under the play frame looking at the wooden shapes dangling down over her. She was making lots of eye contact here. After this she also enjoyed some time in the bouncers, observing and watching her surroundings. She made lots of eye contact with her friends and educators.

Manipulative play;

Sensory blocks, Wooden sensory slides

Alina used the little muscles in her hand to hold the silicone stackers. Her friend Hope gently passed them too her and Alina interacted back with a big cheesy smile and giggle!

Lucas enjoyed sorting out the wooden sensory slides and put them one by one into the sink of home corner. He said “mmm” each time. Lucas also enjoyed building with the stacking squares! He carefully stacked them on top of each other. Tayla and Hope also liked manipulating the silicone stackers in their hands.

Dramatic Play;

Home corner

Lucas and Florence spent a lot of their time in the home corner space today! Florence helped Lucas open and close the doors and filled the sink with blocks. Lucas and Florence both liked looking at themselves in the mirror. Hope, Tayla and Florence also all enjoyed pushing the prams around with the babies in them.

Creative play;

Bubble Blowing, Singing/Dancing

We also did lots of bubble blowing outside to help our friends settle in! Henry, Hope and Lucas enjoyed holding the bubble blower and liked blowing it too!

We had some music on during our play time today and we all enjoyed bopping around. Henry tapped his hands to the beat of Baby shark while Tayla liked mumbling along to row row your boat.

Lunch: For lunch we had an relaxed outdoors with the cool breeze on our faces while watching the cars go by. We were relaxed out here today. We all ate very well and enjoyed the quiet space.

Our fiends either slept in the cot room with some white noise or on mattresses in out quiet zone.

Afternoon tea we enjoyed crackers and fruit salad. We have lots of foodies in our babies room!

Our afternoon play was child led with some indoor / outdoor play with each friend following their interests.