Happy Friday everyone.

Miss Jess joined us in the room as Miss Angela is still away.

Today we started our day inside with bubbles, reading stories and cuddles, animal play and loose parts. Charlie and Noah enjoyed story time with Miss Jess. Babies loved abacus beads pushing them around and spinning. Miss Dana was asking babies for colors of the beads and helping them to count.

After our yummy morning tea: pancakes, honeydew melon, bananas and pure we put our hats and sunscreen ON and happily lined up at the door for more fun outside. Miss Dana was showing babies “My hat on my head “ to encourage Albie and Blake to keep their hats on. Good job babies with hats today.

Charlie and Blake were racing rocking horses, Connor and Noah were busy going around with big cars while Albie went up the slide.

We listen to the Christmas songs while we are playing, and we all decide to make some tunes with musical instruments.

Our lunch was ready so as we are, and we had lovey lunch and lots of water as weather was hot.

We have some lovely songs about ocean and fish with Miss Dana and Miss Jess. Miss Dana set up beautiful picnic on the “beach” for the afternoon tea.

While we are eating we listened to the ocean sounds and Hawaiian ukulele.

Miss Dana and Miss Jess.