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Happy Friday everyone!

Such a happy and fun morning with so many smiles from our little friends.  We had our musical instruments set up on the mat and Ava and Florence were having such a beautiful time together.  Noah was very busy exploring all the toys he could find.  He settled on the My Busy Town cube and was turning it around to see what was on all the sides.   He really liked the doors to open.  Jackson liked the loose parts today, particularly the pinecones and the wooden sticks.  Blake, Ava and Florence were all looking at our peekaboo blocks together.  Miss Angela was building them up to a tower and the girls loved knocking them down.    Alexandrea joined in this too when she arrived.    Ava was super chatty today and babbling away as she looked at the blocks.

Miss Dana was singing our favourite songs – The Wheels on the Bus, Baa Baa Black Sheep  and everyone enjoyed this so much.  Connor was doing a great job of copying the actions.  Ava and Blake were happily waving their arms and Florence was full of smiles and bouncing up and down as she was sitting.  She gets so  excited to hear any form of music.

We had a lovely outdoor play in the afternoon with our friends from Babies 2.  The babies loved our tunnel play obstacle course.  Noah and Connor were up and down and in and out of the fort together.   The ball pit was a very popular play space with lots of our little friends sitting in it and playing with the balls.

Lots of fabulous eating today with our friends enjoying their meals.

We’ve had such a fun week with our friends.  Have a lovely weekend.

Love Miss Angela and Miss Dana