December 6, 2018 School Age Care No Comments

BEFORE SCHOOL CARE – 7am to 8.30am


Today we had lots of different art & craft activities. Scout, Savannah, Agnes & Alexandra enjoyed the join the dots ginger bread man. We made our own tinsel with cardboard by cutting strips and linking the loops & we cut out Olaf snowmen. We also had a how to make a paper Santa. I’m sure the After school care children will love all of these fun arts & crafts this afternoon. Agnes is always very creative and made her own house of cardboard with Gabriel helping her.


Ryan enjoyed quiet time playing his Ipad.

Lani, Maren, Ashley & Mia made a cubby in the book corner out of the curtains and played Lani’s Ipad.

Eljay, Tyler, Pia & Jakobi played some soccer and then made their own big cubby house outside out of mats, chairs and tables. They made it like a fort and it looked great.


Our movie today was the very cute Knome Alone.

8.30am – 8.55am

Pack away, roll call & walk to school safely.




Children arrive to tuck shop area and sign in.  We then offered the after school care children an afternoon tea consisting of fruit, sandwiches and crackers.  Thereafter we packed away and walked back to the centre safely, in our small groups.


The children interested in doing Arakan had the opportunity to do so with Mr Brad.  Zavier, Tyler, Jett, Lyndon, Pia and Cameron very much enjoyed doing Arakan in the outside area.

3.30- 5.00 pm

Upon return to the centre the children were given the opportunity to have free play opportunities. Tristan enjoyed adding to our long,  festive chain links.  Eljay and Kai were building cubbies.  Noah was entrenched in his school work/project.  Gabe was busy doing the Christmas worksheets. Summer, Savannah, Indigo, Alexandra, Luuly and Khaleesi were busy playing with their foam soft toys. Seth, Noah K, Aydin, Payton, Jack, Jireh and Caleb were engrossed in playing with their electronics. And Zac and Levi kept busy in homecorner.

5.00 pm-

Late snack

5.20pm onwards

We enjoyed having a quick run around in the outdoor play area. it was great to stretch our legs and get some more fresh air.


What a great day!


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