Benowa Early Learning Centre, located at 15 Sapium Road, across the road from the Bellevue Park School, is on the border of Ashmore, Benowa and Southport.

The Centre began over 27 years ago, when we converted the old “Surround Lodge” Racing Stable into what is now Benowa Early Learning Centre.  Kylie Alldridge, our Director and now co-owner, and quite a few of our current staff have been with us since that time.  Many of the girls came to the Centre straight from school and are now married with children of their own who have attended or who currently attend the Centre.  Our founder,  Jennifer Balson, came from a teaching career herself therefore understanding just how important those early years of child development are.

Now, more than ever, society recognizes that learning begins way before our children first walk through those school gates.  Your child begins the learning process even before he/she is born.  We, at Benowa Early Learning Centre, feel privileged to share in this process.  We also recognise the responsibility we have to ensure your child’s day, whilst at kindy, is as meaningful in all ways as we can make it.  Should he/she show an interest in something specific, we try to observe that interest and work with them to develop it.  We try to encourage their helpful, caring, developing relationships with other children in the centre and with the staff.  We try to help them manage their emotions and behaviour in a way which encourages helpful interaction with others.

It is now well recognised that a strong sense of and acceptance of ‘self’ and how we fit into our family, school and community, is so important in the development of a healthy, rational adult who can contribute to our society.  Our aim at Benowa Early Learning Centre is to do our best to enhance the chances that the healthy, happy, positive little person who you the parents have entrusted into our care goes on to be a happy, healthy, positive, knowledgeable adult of whom we can all be proud.


Children are all individuals and they need to be encouraged to discover and reach their full potential. To achieve this they need a loving, stimulating & non-threatening environment, which nurtures and challenges each individual child. We believe children need a sense of belonging.

Our centre values the importance of the first six years of life, which is vitally important for children’s learning and brain development. We therefore plan to provide the children in our care with the opportunity to explore, learn, plan, predict, hypothesize, create, develop friendships and develop in all areas through play, positive guidance, inquiry teaching, intentional teaching and praise.

We value all children as unique individuals and recognise that, as professional Early Childhood Educators, we have the ability to influence the children’s lives in a very positive way.

Our Centre implements the Early Years Learning Framework for the children, staff and families. We program according to children’s interests and milestones. To incorporate the emergent approach effectively we need to utilise collaboration tools with both children and families. We place emphasis on the partnership between the children, staff and parents. Emergent experiences are derived from the children’s interests, home experiences and staff interests. Spontaneous experiences are extended by children, parents and staff.

We believe children learn through play and that their work is their play. We believe in facilitating children’s play and development and do this by responding to children’s cues and ideas. We will implement activities which are socially relevant to the child at the present time.

We will continue to work with the parents and families in partnership to provide a nurturing educational environment for their children, with open communication avenues. We will respect and support the parents’ values and the beliefs of our centre’s community.

The staff will value and respect each other and work as a team. Staff will strive to gain further understanding in regard to culture, values, additional needs, and gender in each individual child, parent and staff member. We will strive to provide an inclusion environment for all members of our Centre.  Staff will endeavour to participate in professional development opportunities provided for them and share information gained with peers.