Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Mr Don, and Miss An.

Happy Thursday everyone! Our day started off inside as this morning was extra freezing. For our friends that arrived a bit earlier than others, they enjoyed some table activities in kindergarten 2 as well as some carpet activities. (2.1.10 demonstrate a sense of belonging and comfort in their environments.)

These activities included puzzles; the wooden doll house where our friend’s imagination really come to life, free drawing, and playdough. Floor activities included marble run, home corner and some quiet reading. After a few more friends arrived and the morning started to warm up a bit, we headed outside to stretch our legs in the yard.

The playground fort is really wh ere the morning started for a lot of our friends as they begin to explore and take the walk of confidence over the bridge. It is also a great place for them to oversee the yard and everyone the steps foot into their Kindy! The sandpit kitchen also came alive with lots of cookies and soup being made and of course, tested by the brave educators! Free drawing, playing catch and just socialising with friends was enjoyed too.

To transition the children from play to group time, we lined up nicely at the door, took our shoes off outside, put our hat into the bucket and walked into our classroom. Some of our friends had to take off their shoes as they thought they might bring the entire beach into the class. (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

(EI/IT) We then sat on the mat ready to show Miss An that we were ready for group time and to learn some new things.

To commence our morning group time, we greeted our friends and educators. We discussed how many friends were at Kindy today and how some friends wouldn’t be in today as they were on Holidays. We discussed the days of the week and how we would continue to read two books brought in by one of our chosen friends. One of the books we read was one that was very well known to some of us, “The Gruffalo’s Child”. As it told a story about a big mouse that kept others out of the woods, which secretly the mouse’s body had been enlarged by the reflection of the moon, we decided to incorporate a shadow making activity into our morning activities. After completing our group time, we transitioned by gender to the bathroom ready for morning tea. (5.3.2 share the stories and symbols of their own culture and re-enact well-known stories.)

Today we had delicious apples, watermelon, and warm porridge. Yummmmmm! After morning tea, children packed away their plates and we headed straight into activity time.

For today’s activities, we had a selection of table activities as well as carpet activities. As an extension of the goop we made last week, we wanted another sensory activity as this was requested by the children. So, we decided to make coloured rice and add different objects into the bucket where children could move the rice through small and long rolls and well as fill containers up. This was a thoroughly enjoying activity. We also enjoyed playing playdough and creating things like cookies and pancakes. Some friends enjoyed playing in home corner where the used the dolls and their imagination to play mum’s and dad’s. We also saw some friends really get stuck into the number puzzles, marble run and shape connectors. To recreate shadows from the mornings book, we got the mirrors out and using the sun and the lights inside, we reflected the light onto the walls and created our own shadows. We noticed that when we put the mirrors high up in the sky, the shadow got smaller, and when we put them lower, the shadow got bigger, but also not as noticeable. After packing away quite a messy classroom together, we lined up at the door, collected our hats and transitioned outside for some more play in the yard. It was also time for some friends to go to their favourite activity of the day, Gymnastics with lovely Miss Kym!

After enjoying one of our favourite lunches of the week, toasted sandwiches, our bellies were full and ready for some relaxation time. While listening to some calming nature music, some friends chose to read a book and other friends enjoyed simply laying down and resting. After our bodies were calm, we transitioned to quiet floor and table activities. These included puzzles, Lego, Marble run, and home corner.

It was now time for some afternoon tea. Fresh fruit and slice was enjoyed! After packing away, we moved outside for our last play of the day in the yard.

We hope everyone had a lovely day and we will see you all shortly. Mr. Don and Miss An.