Happy Tuesday and welcome back to another beautiful day in the Babies 2 classroom. What a super chilly morning we had so we found warmth starting in the Babies 1 classroom. We had such a fun morning, exploring all the different activities around the babies 1 room, Lachlan, Kingston and Madeline enjoyed reading lots of stories with Miss Tegan, their favourite stories this morning were the touch and feel books along with the book ‘Peek-a-who’

After a beautiful morning in the Babies 1 room, we transitioned into our room and begun our morning routine of nappy changes and morning tea. We loved our morning tea, eating lots of yummy cake and fresh fruit.

As we finished our morning tea, we got all cleaned up and put our hats on. We then followed Miss Claudia and Miss Tegan, into the babies 1 yard where we met Miss Hillary ready for some gardening. For Gardening today, Miss Hillary helped us to water the lettuce and radishes that we planted a few weeks ago. Miss Hillary showed us the leaves of the radishes as they have started to grow out of he dirt.

Once we finished watering the garden, we ventured back to our room, and enjoyed a big play on the verandah.


While on the verandah, We had lots of fun engaging in lots of different activities. Thomas, Lachlan, Kingston, Eddy and Madeline spent lots of time at the sensory table. They each used their fine motor skills to pick up the little grains of rice and lentils with their fingers and transferring them into the little buckets. Thomas and Kingston also enjoyed picking up handfuls of rice and lentils and sprinkling them back into the containers.

Throughout the morning, we also enjoyed dancing to the wiggles and kidzbop music and popping all the bubbles that Miss Claudia was blowing. Eddy, Ivy and Kingston all had turns blowing the bubbles for their friends to pop.


After such a beautiful morning outside, we made our way inside and got ready for some yummy lunch and a much needed rest.

Love Miss Claudia and Miss Tegan x