Jingeri Pre-Kindy children, Miss Nicole and Miss An.

(CI) The weather are getting more and more chilling, so at the morning, we will start to play inside first then only move outside and play. This morning we stay with Miss Nicole in the Kindergarten 2 classroom. (4.1.1 express wonder and interest in their environments.)

In the classroom, we enjoy doing some puzzle. When we complete some of our Pre-Kindy children can recognized there is a picture of kindergarten friends, they do have difficulty to recognized their name with the helps of the educator, they quickly remember the name.

We also very much enjoy the space station. Kindergarten friends were showing us how to play with the space station and they explain to us the planets they have make and hanging on the wall. The children also enjoy reading the space story book and space encyclopedia together. (5.2.7 actively use, engage with and share the enjoyment of language and texts in a range of ways.)

Time to going outside, exploring, running and play.

Couple of our pre-Kindy have their babies sister or brother in care too, as the babies classroom are just right next to our play ground, so many of our children do like to go see and say hello to their sibling and play with them next to the fence. I think the babies do like the attention from their sibling and their sibling’s friends.

To transitioning the children from outside play to group time, we line up nicely at the door, take our shoe off outside, hat into bucket and walking into our classroom. Then seat on the mat. (1.1.2 use effective routines to help make predicted transitions smoothly.)

(IT) At group time, Miss An and Miss Nicole shared with he children about week reconciliation with the children. Traditional owners are local families who have lived here for thousands of years  before there were towns, before there were shops and before we, for example Uncle Allen. Aboriginal people are happy to share their stories, their stories that have been told for thousands of years and we called it “dream time story”. After that, Miss An and Miss Nicole also show and shared with the children about the aboriginal flag and its meaning. After the simple introducing about aboriginal, the flag, we also show the children a “rain maker” dream time story. (3.2.5 use their sensory capabilities and dispositions with increasing integration, skill and purpose to explore and respond to their world.)

Children do recognise difference such as skin colour, look and speech. They gave Miss An and Miss Nicole some example that they remember from Uncle Allen visit. We touch about diversity, different background, but we also all agreed we all live in Australia and re respect each other and celebrate the differences. (2.3.1 discover and explore some connections amongst people.)

(IT) Inspired by the dream time story, lets make a rain shaker and also the telescope. The children using the 3 main colours and paint it on the big cadrboard roll, then the children adding in the rice and seal the cardboard roll with the contact paper. Now is time to wait for it to dry so we can play with it later.

at another table, we also try to recreate the thunder and the storm and the hut in the story, So Miss An and Miss Nicole have organized some different material and glue for the children to recreate the scene. The children getting creative in the collage activity. They also trying their very best to think, imagine and envisage the story again.

Right before the lunch time, we made our beds, sometimes with a little help from Miss Dakota. Wonderful self help skills Pre Kindy.  You are becoming so independent.

We enjoyed our lunch and then settled down on our beds to look quietly at books before drifting off to sleep listening to the beautiful piano and nature sounds music that Miss An put on.  Some friends rested rather than slept and everyone’s energy was nicely recharged for the afternoon when rest time was done.  Those that didn’t sleep had their rest and then moved outside for quiet activities with Miss Nicole.

Thank you for a beautiful and fun day Pre-Kindy. Love from Miss An and Miss Nicole.