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Good Morning Toddler 2 friends and Happy Friday!

Miss Karla was here bright and early to help our early friends settle into their day. Miss Mona and Miss Chloe arrived around 8 o’clock to lots of happy faces outside in the yard. Ashton came outside with an interactive farm animal book and asked Mona to read it. Holly, Harper, Charlie, Livinia and George joined Mona and Ashton on the reading mat. Together we pressed the buttons to hear the different animal noises. Miss Mona was asking our friends what each animal noise was. Ashton and Holly were laughing as they tried to make the noise of a Goat and a Lamb. Mason B, Rocco, Veronica and Mason L arrived soon after and enjoyed playing in the sandpit with Miss Karla who was singing 5 Cheeky Monkeys. Sebastian and Charles were interested in the spider that was hanging up high in the trees.

Obstacle course:

At 9 o’clock we all headed around into the back yard where it was nice and shady. Together we made a very long obstacle course! We used lots of balance beams, tyers, balancing blocks and climbing frames to create this. Obstacle courses are great for our gross motor skills, coordination, balance, confidence and concentration skills!

All of our friends enjoyed climbing and balancing here today. Miss Chloe, Mona and Karla helped our friends climb over the climbing frame and balance when they needed a little bit of guidance or help. Our friends were all proud of themselves once they got the hang of it!

Around 9:30 we headed inside to wash our hands for morning tea time. After packing away our plates and food scraps it was time for activity time!

Car track: We made a new play area today to extend on our friend’s interest in cars. We took a small car track inside, as well as a tyre and a “bridge”. We used pipes and wooden parts as tunnels and wooden blocks as obstacles to drive past. Mason B, Mason L, George, Sebastian, Ashton, Charlie, Rocco and Charles all enjoyed pretending these different objects were bridges, tunnels and roads.

Cracking “Dinosaur eggs”: Today we had a Dinosaur egg activity to further extend this shared interest. First, we had to soak the Dino eggs and then we used digging tools to crack them open. We dug and hit the eggs until they cracked open and inside we found some baby dinosaurs! After this we took the Dinosaurs outside into the garden to their “home”

Role play cooking in home corner: Today we moved our room around a little bit. Home corner is now in a different spot and it was very popular here, Holly, Harper, Charlie, George, Livinia, Mason L and Sebastian enjoyed doing lots of cooking, cleaning and organising over here

At 11 we packed away and had a little group time with Miss Chloe on the mat before making our beds and starting our toilet/nappy routines for rest period

Thank you for a wonderful end to another great week!