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Our Story:

Welcome back toddler 1. This morning, the children were happy and excited to be in the yard and enjoy the sunshine with their friends. Miss An and Miss Mona have set up the back yard full with children interest activities for the children to explored, these included, mud kitchen, balance beams, vacuum cleaners and also animal farm.

Children were excited to explored the yard with the Toddler 2 friends. Majority of the children were happily waves goodbye to their parents and go to play with their friends. The children running and chasing Miss Jacky around the yard, as well as they also enjoy reading book with Miss Mona.

Puzzle helps children to develop, learning and practice range of skills such as problem solving, language, co-ordination and many more. Miss An and Miss Jacky have set up variety of puzzle at the table to allow the children explored.

Max was so confident and good with the puzzle and helps his friends to finished their puzzle and he will try each of the different puzzle. He spend such a good time at the table with the puzzle. Vera were enjoy and interested in the puzzle, Miss An sat next to her and told her the shape of the puzzle she holding on, she copies and repeat the shapes.

Hiroki, Isla and Lily were abit confuse and having hard time to complete the puzzle, but with little helps and encouragement, they have completed the puzzle they choice. Poppy were very determined to finished by her own, when Miss An asks her “do you need help”, Poppy were answered “no” and keep going on it own.

 at another hand, Harry, Lincoln and Nicholas have enjoy their time with the activity Miss Jack set up. Colour soft ball. Miss Jacky were play throw and catch with them. They needed to pick up the colours that Miss Jacky mention and return to Miss Jacky. It was so much fun and good for the children to practice their colours recognition and listen ears by follow instruction.

the children enjoy so much with.

  • Vera, Isla, Poppy were enjoy pretending phone call. They using the flat panel, pretending it was a phone and called Miss Jacky or mummy.
  • Lilly enjoy using the assorted connected chains to making beautiful sounds and walking around in the class.
  • Harry and Lincoln enjoy playing peekaboo with each other behind the curtain.
  • Nicholas enjoy holding all the 3 soft colour ball and hide at the corner of the class and play with it.