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Kindy One



Good Morning Families and friends- we have had a fun filled Friday today!! This morning we started outside we sat drawing some beautiful masterpieces. We also had the big blocks out, this was great for our imagination and we created a cubby house out of them. We had water and paint brushes out too, we used these on the chalk board to paint, it was great to practise our sounds and numbers this way. Some friends wanted to plant more of the Woolworths plants, so Miss Nicole supported them in doing this- Steel even helped water them. Stevie was super excited this morning as Eva from Kindy 2 was in our class today! We hope you have a great day in with us Eva!

Once inside we worked through our daily routine- of course being Friday we started our day off with a FRIDAY FEELING DANCE!! We chose hakuna matata and can’t stop this feeling to dance to! We had lots of fun and Miss Kate recorded some of our cool moves for Graduation video. We found out the day and date and looked at the weather! We recapped our sounds and numbers and moved onto the world cup. We looked at all the scores and saw which countries were playing in the quarter finals this weekend! Friends are really excited for Miss Nicole and Miss Kate’s countries to be playing. Miss Kate said as we are all different cultures, we should cheer on all the teams for getting so far.

Mr Brad came for Arakan this morning, we practised our freeze movements and protecting our head and bellies. Mr Brad showed us how to defend our self with a particular type of hit, we had to make a fist and hit on the side. We finished off with our favourite running race game! Miss Kate set up a surprise for us this morning- during the week we painted on glad wrap and displayed them on the mirror and door. This excited Martin, Steel and Stevie and they were curious to what it was. So Miss Kate decided to surprise them with this activity. We all sat down as a class and had our own space to paint, we were given one paint pot and encouraged to share and exchange our pots. This was great for our social skills and using our manners, children were politely asking to swap pots or offering their pot when someone asked who had a certain colour. Our beautiful art work is still on the tables drying, we encourage you to take a look at your children masterpieces!

This afternoon we practised for graduation- we are getting super good at our singing and dancing. Eva gave stamps out to the friends who worked really hard (which was all of them). After this Miss Nicole worked with friends practising their cutting skills, they had to cut up the different styles of lines. Friends worked on their counting skills on the computer by placing the correct number of cakes on the teddy. Bunnings area was in full swing with friends spending their money on drills and tools- they were super excited when Mr Peter brought Miss Kate a drill to use. They were curious what she was going to use it for. Marbles run and blocks were also popular as well as dress up.

Thanks for a great day Kindy One

Have a great Weekend

Miss Kate and Miss Nicole