Kindergarten One


This morning was a brilliant start to the morning- we had lots of happy little faces ready for an exciting day and an even more exciting evening for our Easter Party!

Outside we welcomed back Mr Hiroshi from his holidays- Hamish asked him “Where have you been?” Mr Hiroshi replied, “I went camping and also did some painting in the house”. We also wished him a Happy Birthday! Miss Pishaya had set up the yard beautifully this morning, Hamish and Luca were very eager to practise some writing on the whiteboard she had provided them. This gathered some attention and soon, Charlize, Boston and Bella was joining them. Shayaan brought in a surprise for all of his friends which they will get later on. He was eager to jump straight in the sand pit and bake some delicious cakes, for this he put wet sand into two different bowls and placed them in the ‘oven’ to bake. Ava.P, Bella and Vanessa were drawing beautiful pictures with pens. Ezekiel was excited to see MR Hiroshi and they played “row your boat” with the balance chairs. Hugo made a fantastic aeroplane out of the tyres and told Miss Kate he was shooting off on holidays. Harper came bouncing in like the Easter Bunny- she was very excited to be in kindy today!

Inside we started our morning routine, we worked out the date and check the weather- which was sunny with some clouds. Our sound of the week this week is ‘o’ we know it bounces and to write ‘o’ we go ‘around the orange’. As we started to think of words beginning with ‘o’ (Orange, Octopus and Olivia) Mr Sam came to class early for sports. We quickly placed our hats on and off we went. In sports we….

Once we had finished morning tea, we chose activities. Charlize and Luca made a road while Vanessa and Bella were firefighters with the hat and extinguishers. We had Boston, Hugo, Lucca and Khwaish all eager to play in the school and take it in turns to be the teacher. Miss Katie took Hamish to make playdough, they placed all the ingredients into the bowl and brought the bowl up for us to mix the colour orange into it. Lots of friends took it in turns mixing the orange colour into it. Miss Kate asked “What colours make orange?” we questioned was it red and blue, yellow and blue or yellow and red? We all agreed it was yellow and red.  Once mixed together children were able to create things out of it. Harper pulled out the shapes and created a sandwich from it, she gave it to Miss Katie to eat and also folded a piece of paper up and handed it to her for the menu. Ava.M brought in stickers to give to her friends, she was handing them out to the friends that were playing nice and being kind to others. Miss Bek sat with friends colouring in an ‘o’ and practising writing and thinking of ‘o’ words.


This afternoon we brought out some quiet activities, Hendrix and Khwaish worked on the computer playing a number game where they had to feed the teddy bear a specific amount of Easter eggs. Lucca, Boston, Vivienne and Hunter practised their fine motor skills using pegs and pompoms. Some friends chose Lego and created Easter baskets. We practised our ANZAC day songs ready for next week.

We hope you had a great day- we cannot wait for the Easter Party.

Miss Kate and Miss Bek.

Written by Kindy Room 2